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How is it that people have an X for their profile picture??

So when I went on hiatus a little while ago, I was browsing on here and noticed my profile picture was still up. I've since removed it, but now it's just the SW logo. I thought when you go on hiatus it puts an X in your profile picture, or is the X for when you permanently delete your account?
Magenta · F
When you go on hiatus you have the option of leaving your profile picture up or not. (there will be a notice that you are on hiatus on your profile if you leave it up). If you choose not to leave your pfp up, then it will show an X and your profile will not be viewable by others. But you're still a member of the site and you can just log back on.
An X is a deleted account.

But there aint nothin' stopping someone from being a clever git and using that image for their pfp just to confuse people 😏

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