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For those of us with a SO ... do they know you're here ?

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They don't know I'm here
They know I'm here but don't know what I do here
They know I'm here and know what I do here
They're also in SW
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For those of us with a SO (significant other) ... do they know you're here in SW ? Do you tell them?
deadteddy26-30, F
Yes. He asks me why I like this site so much 馃ぃ
He knows that I鈥檓 in a forum boards that鈥檚 not Reddit. I鈥檓 not telling him exactly what this is鈥
He knows I chat to people online but not what site.
ServantOfTheGoddess61-69, M
Why would it be a secret? Unless people are cheating....
ServantOfTheGoddess61-69, M
@PoetryNEmotion I'm cheating, and yes, that's why it's a secret.
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He thinks social media is crap and ridiculous . He鈥檚 right of course, but I like parts of it anyway
robb6556-60, M
Sorta none of the above. When I do shrooms I talk a lot and I know there have been times I talked about people I know here but I figure she ignored most of it. So she knows I'm "somewhere" but has no idea where "here" is. Then again maybe she thinks yall are all figments of my imagination. Like the time I saw a car with eyelashes. Turns out the car really did have eyelashes above the headlights.
Yes, he hates social media and has no interest in what I yap about on here.
Queendragonfly31-35, F
"They know what I do here" sounds so criminal 馃槀
minxy46-50, F
Not that I'm hiding it, he wouldn't care.
I bet very few know they are here.
Adogslife61-69, M
No, not that I think she would care, but I was here well before meeting her.
NerdySoph26-30, F
They will know i chat online, when they exist. At the moment no SO.
JimboSaturn51-55, M
No it's my secret.
People arent gonna tell their SO. The majority would end up single. Its called " im not loyal"
Zeusdelight61-69, M
I have no idea why you wouldn't.
Mine does
He knows, he's not interested, he hates me even mentioning this site tbh
ServantOfTheGoddess61-69, M
@AthenaArena I wonder why he hates it! Does he feel jealous?
@ServantOfTheGoddess eh no, he's snobby and he thinks everyone here has issues or is crazy
Zeusdelight61-69, M
@AthenaArena Well that's fair enough:)
uncalled456-60, M
Nope, nope, and..........nope.
iamonfire69641-45, F
He knows I talk to people online but not what sites I am on.

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