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Do you ever think about some of the members who have left

SW or passed away? a lot of the people on here I dont chat to in Dms but you still over the years you do get to know them from their posts and their struggles in life, I was thinking yesterday of @Keepitsimple who sadly passed away last year馃槥 I used to like her for the straight open posts and answers.
Yeah..often miss those friends who have left.

I often miss SweetMae, and Chchchchanged鈥ope n pray they鈥檙e happy in RL. 馃挅

KIS - she went so suddenly I am still in shock 馃様
PoetryNEmotion61-69, F
I miss some a lot more than others. Stan died of pancreatic cancer more than a few years back. He lived in Alabama. We talked 9n the phone every 2 weeks until he became very ill. Whenever I hear that Leo Sayer song, goes something like whenever I need you, I just reach out my hand and I...That one was our friendship song. He is part of my heart. And others knew him. @ whazzupdude @ pedrohedgerow. He never dies as long as we say his name and have our memories. Blessings dear Stan.

Others have passed on. Marty aka mrmoose. We knew each other some. He died horribly. An ex- paramedic and firefighter. A good man who drank to forget the ghosts of those he could not save. Lost his baby, Beth, shortly after she was born. Always missed her. Loved Aus with sll his heart. Lamented losing his love, @ farmergedden. Never forgotten.

So many vanished. Some namer treatment. es I remember. Others only their stories.

Oh. And Demorcan. We kept in touch via private email. He lost his adult son. Never got over it. Wrote the most enlightening stories. Wise. Caring. A great friend. Last heard from him when he was getting cancer treatment. Travelled the United States via an RV. That was his dream. Made a living making art. Post cards. Writing on his travels. I miss him.

The Man of Dark Shadows. My name for him. Magickal so kin to me. We read each other's auras. I could 0lace my hand on my laptop screen. He would place his next. He could remove my severe headaches. My head would buzz. I told him his future. He fell in love with another EP red- haired beauty in England. She was an agoraphobic. There was no hope for them. He lived in LA. Was actually a semi- famous actor. Guested on that series, Sons of Anarchy. Such a striking younger man. Returned to Virginia. We skyped regularly. Parted poorly as he and I had a serious argument. He could not accept the truth I predicted. He is fine. Not with her. I miss him dearly.

So many people. Their stories saved in my mind. Butterfy girl. Her lover. I helped save his eyesight. It was destiny.Their details lost when EP did not transport all my saved conversations.
I still miss Wraithorn. So many times stuff happens and I wish I could message him, get his take. He was kind, and good counsel.
HairbrushDiva31-35, F
I remember seeing Keepitsimple on here. I didn't know she'd passed away, I'm sorry to hear that. I hadn't looked at her profile lately but it says she was diagnosed with cancer.
HairbrushDiva31-35, F
@ReneeT I didn't know her that well, but I'm sad to hear of her passing.
ReneeT61-69, M
@HairbrushDiva We did talk for a long while. I knew that she had a granddaughter and her daughter was having another baby, which was the last time we talked
HairbrushDiva31-35, F
@ReneeT That's sad news for the children.
It鈥檚 sad to know that. I might not know her personally but I see her here sometimes.
I sometimes think about 2-3 people that I鈥檝e been friends with on EP. I hope they鈥檙e all doing fine.
It's always very sobering when people pass. Makes me think about how I'm going to go.
TheStarsareout56-60, M
@deadgerbil You still have a few years to go 馃憤
basilfawlty8931-35, M
@deadgerbil neck deep in smegma.
HatterM46-50, M
Absolutely. There are some absolutely wonderful individuals I remember all the way back from my earliest EP days.
RubySoo51-55, F
Theres a few ive known who have passed....and few who pretended to!
KeepitSimple was a great lady. Shes greatly missed here by many im sure.
ravenwind4346-50, F
No. I don't get the chance to ever get to know that many unfortunately.
Ironicman56-60, M
I worry about and miss Picklebobble2. I know he was very unwell during the pandemic (not with COVID.) Miss his banter and the tunes he would share on a Friday.
RubySoo51-55, F
@Ironicman oh...hello you. Not seen you for ages! Hope yr well. X
Ironicman56-60, M
@RubySoo Hi Ruby I'm well thanks and hope all is well with you and your family . I dip in out of here and still see a few names I know. What a couple years it has been. I struggled with lockdown, getting the kids through exams and one onto uni. Thinking back I don't know how we all did it. I don't post as much as I once did. Not sure why, I must try harder. Am still working from home for most of the week all though working at home is now just me and the cat in an empty house . We keep each other company! Shell often join me in zoom meetings. She never really cared for me when the kids were young but she has suddenly grown fond of me and consequently, me her. Lol.. Work is busy and I have a lovely small team but I yearn to go part time as I approach the autumn years! Maybe next year if the cost of living returns to normality. My fuel tank on the work front is pretty much done. I want to go and adventure before it's too late. X
I miss her as well and I'm still in a bit of a shock that she is gone.
She was diagnosed and then died the same year I fast. I think about her a lot. 馃槩
TheStarsareout56-60, M
@Lilymoon I know I liked her too馃様
iamelijah26-30, F
How do we know they (sw users) died?

Is her pfp the one with curly hair taking selfie?
I'm sorry. I didn't know. 馃様
TheStarsareout56-60, M
@iamelijah I knew she had cancer and someone mentioned it that she had passed away馃様
iamelijah26-30, F
@TheStarsareout Oh no. I didn't know. 馃槬
I do yes. @ThePerfectUsername comes into my thoughts every now and then, he is another great loss to this place.
I loved Keepitsimple too her presence was very positive 鉂
I had someone pm me to tell me they were going to kill themselves a few months back ...I will never believe that again ...
I miss someone , It鈥檚 nearly been a year and I have no idea what鈥檚 happened to her. I miss her daily. I鈥檓 sorry you lost an friend too
I miss Windsylph, Randomuniverse, Questionweaver, zenlioness, and a few others鈥
Benjago41-45, M
Sure there's a couple I think about...hope they are alive and well.
It鈥檚 sad 馃槥 I liked her, she鈥檚 a miss here.
1pebbles56-60, F
I miss her to and her posts... A sweetheart
akindheart61-69, F
yes i lost a few friends on EP. It was so sad too.
Bklynbadboy1231-35, M
Damn im sorry to hear that
TurtleDreams22-25, F
I think about her alot too 馃槩
SwampFlower26-30, F
I liked her, too :(
SkeetSkeet100+, F
After what happened a couple years ago, I don't believe it when anybody dies on here
@SkeetSkeet it's crazy how time flies, that was almost two years ago
SkeetSkeet100+, F
@deadgerbil it is crazy! I can't believe it sometimes.
@SkeetSkeet we'll be old people in nursing homes before we know it
TheFragile41-45, M
Only one. Daily.
StarLily51-55, F
uncalled451-55, M
It really sucks when it's someone you spoke to irl. KIS was one of them, such a friendly, real soul, very kind and complimentary to me. Always wanted to meet up with her, but that never materialized.

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