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After the app launch ..

[c=4C0073]How come sw seems more dead after the app launched? 馃 ..
Did they mess with the algorithm again to kok block me? 馃

Come on admins, i know you dont like me, but dont have to do me like this eh? .. Let's be friends :)[/c]
Sutten36-40, F
Its Friday, people are in weekend mode :)
Liamiam51-55, M
Call me 馃摓 @bapples

@Liamiam [c=4C0073]i'm seriously gonna petition the admins for a facepalm reaction emoji 馃槄[/c]
Liamiam51-55, M
I鈥檒l secound it 馃憤. Lol @bapples
iamelijah26-30, F
That's not how it works.
*Clear throats*
Get me your manager!
@iamelijah [c=4C0073]lol ![/c]
Maybe its just me/a coincidence but the app wouldnt load for me when i downloaded it, and using sw in the browser has been tremendously slow even though every thing else on my phone has been working just fine
@bapples how do i go about that?
@bapples thank you!
SW Admin - hates rabbits
@nedkelly [c=4C0073]they prolly hate that they cant chop chop me, roast and eat me 馃槱[/c]
butterflybaby7546-50, F
Failure to launch.... Does the app include ads and/or in-app purchases like many others do? Those things will wreck it.
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
@butterflybaby75 so does the (mobile) website though. The app is pretty much the website without the address bar.
butterflybaby7546-50, F
@PhpPhoenix Indeed and if I look at SW on the default Android browser all the ads show. if I use it on my PC (with ad blocking) they don't. So I don't usually use SW on my phone.
PhpPhoenix31-35, M
@butterflybaby75 ah yes, I forgot that most people don't have an ad blocker in their phone browser.
Liamiam51-55, M
How do you know it ain鈥檛 a rabbit block 馃
Just sayin 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
Liamiam51-55, M
My cousins thank you very much 馃槀@bapples
@Liamiam [c=4C0073]someone should rename their sw username to frogkok .. would be interesting[/c]
Liamiam51-55, M
Your just trying to see the frogs kok. I鈥檓 on to you,not gonna happen 馃槒

I feel it's pretty quiet some time already, independent of the app.
Still the activity isn't decreasing further. 馃
Lugubri056-60, M
Have there really only been three posts in the last hour
@Lugubri0 [c=4C0073]not sure .. something doesnt seem right ..
i feel they tinkered with something that wasnt broken .. as usual[/c]
Lugubri056-60, M
@bapples Maybe the app posts aren't appearing
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F
I am here....that is all that matters! 馃ぃ

good morning馃槝
@JaggedLittlePill [c=4C0073]you being here actually matters more than you think .. :) ..
good morning lovely <3[/c]
JaggedLittlePill41-45, F
@bapples aww...thank you. 鉂
Jeephikelove46-50, F
Who would block you!??
@Jeephikelove [c=4C0073]the admins .. please help me by shooting them .. pew pew pew 馃ズ[/c]
Jeephikelove46-50, F
@bapples pew pew pew pew
caPnNathanael22-25, M
I see ya there
@caPnNathanael [c=4C0073]aye aye capitan[/c]

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