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What is the best news you’ve heard so far recently on this site?

I’m happy for [@1067,Soossie]
She’s a wonderful person and found love with [@817347,Charliez]
Congratulations [@1067,Soossie] and [@817347,Charliez]!
Soossie Best Comment
Thank you so much...

Such a kind and lovely gesture...

Much love lady Sunshine..❤❤
[@1067,Soossie] You’re welcome. It’s nice news to get and nice news is hard to come by.

Aww!! You kind soul.... thank you again..
[@1067,Soossie] You’re welcome beautiful girl. ❤️

User41 · 31-35, M
O good. I like Charliez. Sometimes I screw with him but he never gets mad at me.

Tell them to invite me to the wedding!

And me?? 🤨 I can never forget how you and Teggy defended me against that troll.... thank you so much...

And I will send you and Max our special invitation...🤗🤗
User41 · 31-35, M
No worries

I wish you both nothing but the best.


Thank you my dear friend..🤗🤗
I don't know Charliez but Soosie is such a genuine, warm, loving, kind, intelligent passionate person.
I wish them well. ❤
Thank you so much sweetness..... 🤗🤗 You are so kind... [@928374,Synchrophi]
SW User
[c=#7700B2] Yesss this was so wonderful to hear 🙂 she really is a sweetheart and made me feel very welcome here 🌷[/c]
SW User
[@1067,Soossie] [c=#7700B2] aw I love you precious 😘❤️[/c]
SW User
[@1067,Soossie] [c=#7700B2] *hugs tight*[/c]

Lovs you too sweetness..❤
I don't know Charliez, but Soossie is SOOOO amazing.
That she has found someone to share her love with, is wonderful. It warms my heart. 💗

Blushes.... you have always been so very kind to me... thank you..

[@1067,Soossie] I truly believe it's your own kindness you see through others. You're so loving. And I'm SO glad you're here and that I've come to know you. You're a blessing in the lives of many. You are so, SO loved. 💗💗💗🌹

Love you too my dear friend..🤗🤗
SW User
Aw I’m happy for them! They’re both very loving people
[@4536,Alex1610] 🤗🤗😘
CharlieZ · 70-79, M
[@4536,Alex1610] Thank you, lady!
SW User
[@817347,CharlieZ] You're welcome!
Spokeskitties75 · 46-50, M
Well [@1067,Soossie] definitely deserves all the love in the world! And I don’t know [@817347,Charliez], but congratulations to him! Much happiness to them both. 😊
[@362821,Spokeskitties75] 👍️

Thank you the kindest man.. you have always been an amazing friend... thank you so mych for it... ❤🤗🤗
CharlieZ · 70-79, M
[@726345,justanotherdirtyoldman] Thank you!
[@817347,CharlieZ] my pleasure sir!
CharlieZ · 70-79, M
[@726345,justanotherdirtyoldman] 😊
Congrats [@1067,Soossie]. I seem to have missed a few things since being gone.

Thank you so much... 🤗🤗
SW User
Good for them. 💐
SW User
I'll drink to that. 🍻[@1067,Soossie]

Cheers to your health and happiness too..🥂
SW User
Thank you.[@1067,Soossie]
That was so needed to hear today.
dannyppaul · 56-60, M
What??? Haha...

Lol... Hi Danny... I know I always said it is not for me... but life has its own strange ways... 🤗🤗
dannyppaul · 56-60, M
[@1067,Soossie] Hell freezes over. Congratulations! 🙂

Thank you dear Danny... 🤗🤗
midnightsun · 22-25, M
I don't particularly judge information I get here

So, I don't know.
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] Hope you get some good news soon.
[@485179,jadedsunshine] thank you
SW User
Aww 💔

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