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Would you start an internet fight with another guy to get attention from certain girl user?

[c=#359E00]this question is for guys only[/c]
chris62ca56-60, M
No. I am an adult. 馃槒
dinonuggies100+, M
[@376657,chris62ca] LOL
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@376657,chris62ca] [c=#359E00]good, don't start a fight, especially on internet[/c] 馃き
Fuck no ,I dont need attention from online hoes ,I've enough shite going on
[@659125,Kiriko] who the hoe?
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@843186,NunIover] [c=#359E00]a vegan[/c] 馃槀
[@659125,Kiriko] was a time so ,she dont like meat 馃槀
You have to realize these sites have a lot of males who for one reason or another cannot interact with females in real life. They have no social skills, are physically repulsive etc. So this is how they substitute. They have some minor online contact with a woman and get upset when it looks like she is paying attention to someone else.
Just grade school stuff moved online.
Does that work? 馃槸
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@444927,Classified] 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
SW User
I don't think it's worth the effort to be honest 馃 but that's just me.
SW User
[@659125,Kiriko] he was obviously very keen 馃ぃ
SW User
[@659125,Kiriko] on here?
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@688711,goingguy] [c=#359E00]yup[/c]
Smokey46-50, M
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@109843,Smokey] [c=#359E00]cool[/c]
[image deleted]馃檮
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@1060,KingLionHeart] 馃槃
Cause its not worth the effort
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@951167,stopforcefeedingmecakes] [c=#359E00]oh.. you done it before huh[/c] 馃槒
[@659125,Kiriko] yep, in yahoo chat room when it existed
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@951167,stopforcefeedingmecakes] [c=#359E00]but it's good that you already stop that[/c]
SW User
No. But sometimes few people are very stupid.
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@556541,Littlepuppywantsanewlife] [c=#359E00]i just saw one, a knight in shiny armor fighting evil for a princess honor[/c]
SW User
[@659125,Kiriko] ok :)
It's being done TO me. I just ignore it. lol
SW User
No, not at all.
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@689994,Zakblood] [c=#359E00]why no?[/c]
SW User
[@659125,Kiriko] Not interested in online affairs. I only go for women in real life. Internet stuff reminds me of high school.
? no...seems false & pointless

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