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just want some friends to talk too!!

my names gianna!! some people i know in person call me gi gigi big g and i’m a very outgoing person, i put myself out there a lot and whenever we have pep rally’s or something at school i’m always the one to go out there infront of everyone i remember there was this one game of musical chairs where it was me and this guy and he was a senior and i was a freshman and the music stopped and as we both were going to sit down we’re both in a crouching position and i was wearing jeans and a pep rally shirt it was a long sleeve shirt but the waist barely covered my hips and i ended up losing and when i fell i fell on my side and half of my ass was showing. that was when i got more popular in school because it was “embarrassing” even tho i thought it was pretty fun. i’m not the brightest of people and im known for being a slut, because of the way i dress. i wear very revealing clothing but it’s not really my fault because my boobs are pretty big and my buttcrack or even thong tends to show almost always. i just let it become my image. i eat a lot of food which is why i am fat for a girl. i’m about 5’8 200 pounds but i’m also a class clown. ik this is all very random but idk how this app works lol
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MilitantIrishman · 26-30, M
Cool story. I like croissants and basket weaving
giannaa · 18-21, F
[@8731,MilitantIrishman] i’ve never had a croissant and idk how to weave baskets haha
emma11 · 18-21, F
omg you sound like such a fun time!! i wish i had some friends like you. my friends hate when i show my cleavage off or do anything stupid. i’m not really a class clown i’m more shy
LucyFuhr · 51-55, F
I see [b][i]lots[/i][/b] of friends in your future...
You'll be the belle of the ball in no time!

Welcome gi gigi big g 😃
giannaa · 18-21, F
[@8345,LucyFuhr] idk what any of that means but thank you!! haha
alex0311 · 18-21, M
i’m somewhat new to ep too!! message me
JanChina · 22-25, M
Nice i wanna hear stories about u exposing ur thong or buttcrack

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