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Hello People, my friends, members whom i welcomed to EP and those with whom i had a chat once...will miss u all nd i wish i can remain in contact with u people. Whoever wants to stay in touch he/she is most welcome to be with can stay ij touch with me on (EP is not allowing me to write the nanes)whatever suits u best..just leave me a pm here. I will be happy to have some friends after EP shuts me for the details
I'm new to this group to
I read the blog from the minister who had said God is AWOL

I can clearly see that in his writing there is absolutely a shimmer of hope
I don't have answers either I don't even know how to reply to that post so maybe it will get to him anyway
The one and only thing that occurred to me while reading this ( and I'm no God expert ) was this
That the pastor does have a lot of visions
All good ones
I may be wrong but it almost seems like the pastor has to many visions right now
Maybe slow down and commit to one at a time

I used to hear from God more as a child but enough to know that he was around at one time .
Maybe he got tired and gave up .
But I have often in life very often gotten messages for other people even in the midst of my own turmoil

So if I'm spot on then great
If not I'm sorry for even trying to reply
One more thing

The words or thoughts or messages I get always come in the same form

Quick instant without me thinking about the issue
If I stop to examine the issue then I just put up a block between me and God
It is now in my hands

Also I do not think I'm a physic or anything of the kind

I do not think I'm special or different

What I think is I have a very tender heart which picks up things others may miss.
And I did not ask or want a tender heart
It is not my choice in fact it has caused me much pain and stopped me in my tracks
So no credit for any thoughts that come to me am I taking credit
For at all .
Indeed I'm very glad I do not have the responsibility of taking credit

So the thing that came to my mind
Quick and instant was what I said above.
I can only pray it helps bevause the last thing I want to do is cause any undue pain
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