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Do you value your time more than your boss?

I am more efficient than anyone I know. Being accused of being slow should be illegal. I honestly do it too quick.
THEBIGM · 56-60, M
another person who thinks they are THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME
My son thinks he's the best worker in the world and that no job ever treats him right
hasn't held a job more than 3 months.
Look at it from the bosses point of view. He will pay as little as he can to maximize HIS profit.
There is always somebody else looking for your job so leave if you don't like it
Jamisonknowsyoubetter · 31-35, C
Is that the world you want to live in? Quantity over quality? Not me. He hired me. Not the other way around. This job is for me and the quality of humankind. Rt
THEBIGM · 56-60, M
It IS the world you better get used to living in.
Efficiency survives while businesses fail daily.
offingg · 26-30, F
You think you're more efficient than anyone you know because you're young.
Jamisonknowsyoubetter · 31-35, C
I'm being dramatic. I know I'm not 😅
offingg · 26-30, F
@Jamisonknowsyoubetter: You're thinking it, and because we're young we do have the tendency to be foolish. The more you humble yourself, the further you'll go
LadyWioness · 56-60, F
I am the boss. :)

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