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okay soi just woke up and my right leg is really hurting

i dont know why, if it just growing pains or what. if anyone has any idea what it could be then that would be great to know. its my whole leg. from abkle/foot to hip and its just like an ache
Serenitree · F
Growing shouldn't hurt. If it does, you need to look into taking some calcium and magnesium.

But if the pain is unilateral, it's more likely some kind of injury. Maybe a pulled muscle or a pinched nerve. Of it doesn't go away in a couple of days, you should be seen by a doctor.

Jan. 1/17
6:46 pm
CookieMonster280 · 22-25, F
growing sometimes does hurt. thats why its calleed growing PAINS. but thank you anyway. the rest helped a bit
Serenitree · F
@CookieMonster280: yes. I know it's called growing pains because growing does sometimes hurt. But it only hurts if you have some kind of vitamin or mineral deficiency. I've raised a bunch of kids who actually grew. They too occasionally had growing pains, but when I started them taking supplements, the growing stopped hurting in a day or two.

But, you aren't my child. So, I will now bow out.

Jan. 1/17
7:08 pm
any sports related injuries lately?
CookieMonster280 · 22-25, F
the closest thing to injury on that leg, is a thing with my big tothat relates to the arches of my foot but i dont think it is that
@CookieMonster280: hmm Idk then :-(

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