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Classes with mature women is incredibly difficult...

This sewing class can be really useful and I've found it to be just that.
Anyways I think I've been working on my jacket for maybe 12 weeks.
I've created the pattern block.
Made a toile.
Found the fabric.
And started to construct the whole thing.
Anyways in doing so I've been doing a lot of this alone at home because my tutor is spread way too thin.
Today we had 4 more starters with three women on the other side already working.
And another 7 Including me in the other room.
I'm really trying to push myself to complete this as I have a party to attend in 6 weeks time.

Some of them are still drawing out the pattern.
And spend most their time talking about random stuff. Example being comparing their injuries today.
I learnt two of the women have slammed fingers in the door, had tick and flea bites, concussions from hitting their heads.


I felt really sorry for one of the girls today similar to my age as she desperately was trying to get her work done. She had to put earphones in to get some peace. At one point she needed help I actually called her over to sit with me so I could help.

But these ladies don't remember to bring all their paper work and designs with them, then when they're working through things they're not directly asking what they should do but can't make a decision.
So I don't fall into the trap of advising. I usually just say "well I don't want to make your design more complicated then the design the tutor has already approved".

I have been offered the opportunity to start a teaching course but I think I'll need a side of psychology to deal with people like this.
WhateverWorks · 36-40
Yeah older women tend to take skill based classes specifically to get out of the house, socialize, make friends, and feel a part of the community. They don’t actually care that much about the project most of the time.
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@WhateverWorks This I am Learning, unfortunately its no longer free and piss around.
we have been getting inspected for progress.
Oster1 · M
@WhateverWorks I beg to differ. They usually, want to carry the 'knowledge', further.
WhateverWorks · 36-40
If you say so. I love hanging out with the older ladies. They’re hilarious and very chatty. Sure, some of them pass on knowledge, but the classes help with the isolation and loneliness they often experience @Oster1
Gangstress · 36-40, F
ugh I know quite a few elderly ladies and I think they use these classes as a social thing rather than learning if that makes sense?
Oster1 · M
@Gangstress OK, but in my environment, the older, more experienced, teach and bring along the student. No argument, just my experience.
Gangstress · 36-40, F
yeh I get ya! its often the same here, but I live ina retirement village, so all the older ladies like to have their social time lol

I get where ya coming from though, coz id be that old lady @Oster1
Gangstress · 36-40, F
@Mellowgirl that's really annoying, shes obviously got to much pride! its not right! I hope you manage to get what you need done, maybe do what the other girl did and put your headphones in! x
Oster1 · M
So, you are teaching now?

Good for you!

Please come over here, for 6 weeks, our Seamstresses, will teach you, in ways, you never thought possible!
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@Oster1 @Oster1 Haha no I'm not teaching atm. the tutor has asked me to help her wit things like printing and setting up the class, but I do help the others when I can.
the students do come to me but the tutor can get a bit funny about it only because I might guide them incorrectly.
Oster1 · M
@Mellowgirl Ahhh, you would never steer, anyone wrong. 🤗
Emarkx · 26-30, M
Well it's a start

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