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When you were a kid, did you ever run up the stairs from the basement as fast as you could because you felt like a ghost was following you? Lol

DeluxedEdition22-25, F
Yes but in my defense my house was haunted asf

The people who live there now have catholic stuff all in the yard 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@DeluxedEdition how about in the attic ?
DeluxedEdition22-25, F
@Driver2 never had an attic or basement 馃槈
@DeluxedEdition I did and attics can be spooky when your little and your bedroom is upstairs
ArishMell61-69, M
Not quite but our house did have a basement due it having been built out over a gentle slope. Dad fitted lights in there, and the space became used as a store and routing for cables and pipes.

For a quite a long time, when returning from the far reaches under the front of the house I would instinctively face the day-light through the door before turning off the lights at that end.

Of course there was nothing there to frighten me, but I'd been affected by reading a ghost-story anthology when too young to see through its literary trick that made its fantasies seem true stories!
If I've been watching horror films I have to control myself not to run up the stairs because if I did I would totally panic myself & I don't even believe in ghosts haha
Jenny123451-55, F
Every single time
Tempest22-25, F
I used to sing loudly if I was going upstairs alone at night time on the off chance that there was someone hiding in the bedrooms to give them a chance to flee before my intimidating 10 year old ass arrived
BigGuy226-30, M
I still do that when I go to the bathroom at night after having watched a scary film 馃槵
Me coward lol
Beautywithin31-35, F
When I was a kid?! Eh.. I still do that now
I can't remember being this winded though.
Dlrannie31-35, F
Nope - we didn鈥檛 have a basement 馃檪
Gangstress36-40, F
I still do it now

This house had a few.
BigGuy226-30, M
Still do now 馃ぃ

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