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Another example as why i got a hard time trusting ppl

So about 8 yrs ago, i was dating a woman about 2 months into the relation i meet a friend who i considered a family member like a sister... little did I know her and my at the time gf became very close, so close that they started to cheat on me after a while. i felt something was going on, but both denied. My friend even said she would stop talking to my gf cauaw ahe didnt want to hurt me. 6 months into thw relationship, i read an open letter my gf wrote on her fb, to her..... was a love letter and found out it had been going on 2 months and that they planned to get married 4 months later qhich they did

They broke my heart to piece, i qas ao hurt, but also blame dor theit pain.. yeah, they blamwd mw for being around and forgiving them after a while.. they said they were hurting so much for betraying me that my being breathing and alivw was hurting them... so i had to appologize to them for their pain for me being still alive and forgiving.

A few months later me and the one i thought was a sister got in touch and i found out she had a baby boy. He was born a month after my birthday. We talked and reconnected, shw sent me pictures and videos... after a yr we lost contact again

About 2 yrs ago, i get a call from my wx and she tells me she and her ended their mariage and that my *sis* kept the baby and that she had no right to.see him.... ans then told me that the onw i callws my sis passed away a few months before the call.

I was really shocked but something felt wrong... about 3 days later, i get a trct from another friend who contacted me.for the same reason. Letting me know she passed away. When i mentionned i was already aware. She asks me who told me, so i say my and her ex... so my friend gets really upset cause my ex contacted me and stopped talking to me for it....i was like okayyyyy

So i used to go on hangout to talk to my *sister* who supposedly passed away over 2 yrs ago and slso to talk to that friend who had stopped talking to idk why last October 18, i went on hang out and her (the one that passed) avatar was still there of course so i clicked on it only to see that she was on 2 or 3 weeks before.... so i wrote her.. can you explain to me how a deceased person can be on her hangout account?.... ever since it say shes away

Why fake death, we had not been talking whike,why every one contacts me 2yrs ago to tell me shes passed when shes alive...

I dont trust most ppl... most keep decieving me
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
Someone here that I had known for years also did it. I had woke up about 4 in the morning and saw where he and a friend were complaining about politics being discussed and then a few hours later the friend posted here that he died. Everyone was sad etc He left his account up so he could message his friend or see what people said about him is what I was thinking. I really don’t know but it’s a shitty thing to do
[@16806,cherokeepatti] I just dont get why they fake their death. Its beyond me
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
[@1228957,SomeoneIUsedToKnow] for one thing it’s sadistic and dishonest too. Just say goodbye and go
Jenny1234 · 51-55, F
tenente · 100+, M
Catzgano · 26-30, F
I would have a difficult time trusting ppl too after that. What a couple of totally manipulative jerks.

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