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We are officially out of milk cheese and butter in the supermarkets.

Drive the 3.5 tonne vam
Speed up the hgv situation
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What's upsetting me is they are pushing for the government to speed up the hgv licensing procedure.
It states here you can [quote]If you have a full driving licence you can drive any van up to 3.5 tonnes. If you want to drive anything bigger such as 7.5 tonnes vans, you may need to take an extra test if you passed your driving test after 1 January 1997.[/quote]

Why are they not just hiring people to drive these until people are properly trained do people realise how dangerous those vehicles are..!

What do you think should be done here in the uk?
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
We have the same problem here in America. The government is paying people more to stay home then businesses can afford to pay employees. Sadly the government can't or won't see the error of their ways and stop the free money. The jobs are there. Let people go back to work.
Dlrannie · 26-30, F
I don’t know what part of the UK you are in but the supermarkets in my part are perfectly well stocked with the items you mentioned.
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@324037,Dlrannie] London!
Fluffybull · F
[@324037,Dlrannie] I imagine the worried middle-class avocado eaters are probably creating their own shortage by panic-buyong 😉
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@602378,Fluffybull] I don't know about anyone panic buying they just haven't had deliveries
Fluffybull · F
I'm in the UK and there's plenty of milk, cheese and butter. Plenty of scaremongering though😆😆🤡
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@602378,Fluffybull] if you live in areas close to countryside and where they have local farms you will definitely have produce.
It's not scaremongering it's a reality.
HellsBelle · 31-35, F
i always wanna leave america and then i see this sht. scary
swirlie · 31-35, F
No food shortages in Canada... AND the grocery stores deliver too![/c]
Philth · 41-45, M
What needs to happen is for people to stop voting Tory.
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@1224940,Philth] I 100% agree. But people are stupid! They're in so much suffering they've given up instead of actually believing their vote can make a change.
The poorer community's don't vote because they don't really think it will have an impact whilst the higher earners vote tory to preserve all they have.
I tell you this tax increase is really going to hurt a lot of people here.

1% increase for nurses only to see it taken again. Fugging joke mate!
Azlotto · M
Fasten your seat-belts, folks. We're in for a rough ride.
Red500 · 41-45, M
How is a cheese shortage related to this?
Mellowgirl · 26-30, F
[@67525,Red500] how isn't it!

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