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I just had a really bad chat with someone here and feeling embarrassed.

As usual I messaged a man in his 60s here to brag that I have more followers than him because the girls with whom I flirt aren't online now but the chat turned horrible. At first after I bragged about my followers, he replied that he doesn't come online much and then I said him sorry and not to mind it as I just said it for fun as I am bored. Then he started asking about myself and the chat was friendly. He is 62. Then he started asking strange questions. He first asked "Is your mom hot?" I asked why. He then started saying some strange creepy thing about my mom and asked how she looks. I then said him to shut up and stop asking these. But then he said me to send her pic to me. I got angry and said him to stop asking all these. I also said that it's already creepy that he follows so many young girls in my age range and he is old enough to be their grandpa. But he kept on asking me to send my mom's pic as he wanted to see how hot she is. I said him to shut up for one last time but he didn't stop so I ended up blocking him after saying him "you are blocked now for being such a creepy. Get a life old man." This was the first time I blocked someone and am embarrassed about it. Usually it's the other way round but I mostly get blocked for being childish and silly tho
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REMsleep · 41-45, F
This is not an insult to you. Do you have any learning disability? Or social disability such as Autism?
Maruti800isthebest · 18-21, M
[@867436,REMsleep] what happened?
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