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I called him this morning NOTHING! My best friend tried to call him and he answered after like five calls. She said she had another girl in the back row and he might be cheating on me and I need to dump him. I was really shocked but told her maybe it was just a cousin. She said, “WAKE UP!!! I didn’t even sound like a cousin! I might’ve heard her call him baby and stuff like that! He’s put it with girls right in front of you, he treat you like garbage when he’s around his friends and I don’t think he even loves you at all that’s not love and I told you about him! He’s cheating on you. Drop him!” I was really mad at her for calling my boyfriend behind my back! I told her she was really my best friend she wouldn’t of called my boyfriend behind my back and I hung up on her! My best friend needs to back off and she can be too blunt sometimes.
It has to be his cousin or something. He doesn’t have any sisters.
Why are you mad at your best friend when your boyfriend is the one banging his cousin?! Misappropriated anger.
[@1202982,Rasputia] i think i can agree here. The relation seems strained but if we give enough time, we'd know what's going on, in place of judging him or running to conclusions
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] Ok
JulesKittyKat · 18-21, F
Your best friend shouldn’t of done that behind your back but she’s looking out for you. You’re very lucky to have a best friend that cares enough to tell you the hard truth. If he’s flirting with other girls right in front of you, treating you like crap and all that, you need to drop his ass. Cousin my ass! He’s cheating on you! Hate to say it but it’s the truth. Leave him. LISTEN TO YOUR FRIENDS.
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@1184578,JulesKittyKat] Yea and I love her but sometimes she can be too brutally honest. I sometimes don’t like her. Everyone is wrong about him.
nedkelly · M
He is dating another person, not rocket science at all
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@5946,nedkelly] that’s why most people were saying. My friends have kept telling me but I don’t wanna believe them. They said, “Well it’s the truth!”
nedkelly · M
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] I am sorry but the truth can be very painful to deal with
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@5946,nedkelly] Sometimes I just don’t like my best friend. I mean I love her but she can be too brutally blunt sometimes. She’s been telling me to break up with them he’s no good for me and I need to listen to her. She has no right to call him behind my back! Even my good friends told me that she’s looking out for me and she’s telling the truth and they have seen the way he treats me and the only person that’s too blind and stubborn is me. Humph!
Emortal · M
Your friend was wrong to call that's true, but stop calling him. Eventually he'll get back to you.
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@492052,Emortal] ok fine
It’s not smart of her to get in the middle, because this is exactly how that usually goes—the friendship suffers. Even if she turns out to be right, she’ll have to let you discover it for yourself. The only thing a real friend can do is be there after the fact.
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] thank you. I’m getting told that she’s being a good friend but call me my ex-boyfriend behind my back isn’t good and I called her out for it! Then she told me that she’s only looking out for me and she’s gonna have to be more tough on me because I’m not listening. She didn’t even apologize but I don’t even care.
JohnRing · 51-55, M
So if he were just ignoring you and doesn’t want to talk to you for days on end, is that a better answer? Either way something’s wrong
make him join sw, he'd be used to answering questions
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] he doesn’t do social media anymore. That doesn’t even answer my question though.
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] give him some time and space ,he'll come back running. seems like something is bothering him
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@1019539,mysteryespresso] I guess so I’ll just give them at least like a week or two.
Mindful · 51-55, F
If you don’t like a guy, or change your mind about a guy, would you want him to call you all the time?
Carazaa · F
Don't call him let him call you. He will!
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@889684,Carazaa] it’s been weeks!
Carazaa · F
[@1023345,DizzyLizzy94] He'll call eventually if you don't call again and if you keep busy!
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@889684,Carazaa] ok
Justin2255 · 22-25, M
I'm sorry but he's banging another girl!!
DizzyLizzy94 · 26-30, F
[@1004067,Justin2255] NO HE IS NOT!!!!

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