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Do you feel it was mean and cowardly of me or I was just young? Give your honest opinions please.

Back in Dec 2017, when I was in 12th grade, during lunch time in school, near the school ground, I met the boy named Tanmay who too was in 12th grade but in commerce section. Back then I used to sing rock songs loud so I was singing a song loudly near him and kinda irritating him but he angrily said me to get lost. I remember I was almost 17 because this happened 4-5 days before my 17th birthday. I felt angry and a bit humiliated as he told it in front many students there so I ran towards him and hit him and literally called him an idiotic North Indian. He started coming aggressively towards because he was a North Indian and found it offensive. I had to back down and run away to my classroom as like most North Indians he too was getting aggressive and it would have been a fight in which I would have never won because he felt I insulted North Indians so he would have aggressively fought me. He too chased me and once I reached class even he entered and come fast towards me. I had to hold both his hands to stop him from hitting me and said him sorry and requested him not to beat me. But he kept on asking "why did you say about North Indians like that?" He also added "now I will show you what this North Indian will do to you". Thankfully my other class boys helped me and told him to calm down. He also said them "he called North Indians idiot, I am feeling like killing him." Suddenly the boy named Arjun who too was in commerce section came to see what happened. He was in my class in 5th to 10th grade and used to bully me a lot so I got scared as he and Tanmay were friends too. But surprisingly Arjun just laughed it off when Tanmay said about me. Finally he calmed down and later I again said him sorry. Thank God that my class boy Vishal didn't come to school that day as even he was a North Indian and he already had bad temper so he would have badly beaten me up.
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Back in March 2017, when my 12th grade classes just started one afternoon after school hours got over, I was feeling very thirsty. My water bottle was empty because I drank all water as it was summer time. In front of our school there is a small bakery. I wanted to drink a Pepsi or Coca cola but I didn't have money. Suddenly I saw my class friend Sriram buying a Thums Up which is a soft drink in India similar to Pepsi or Coca Cola. I was so thirsty that I asked him to let me have some sips. But then he said me to have only 1 or 2 sips as he was thirsty too but I wanted to drink much more than that. But when drinking it, my mouth was touching the mouth of the bottle. Yes I have this habit of drinking water or soft drinks by making my mouth touch the mouth of bottle. He then said me "Idiot fellow" and then said me to have it and enjoy. I said him sorry and then he said "ok I will buy another one, enjoy." I was very happy as I got Thums Up for free and whats more awesome was that we were going to Siliguri and Falakata for vacations after 2 days.
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
I think you should offer to be his slave to make up for your bigoted ways
Daewoomatizismyfavcar · 18-21, M
[@325552,DownTheStreet] Come on I was just 16 almost 17 and I only said him that in anger.
DownTheStreet · 51-55, M
[@1175700,Daewoomatizismyfavcar] bigot, repent

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