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Was this guy calling me ugly by societies standards?

I just realized I think he was. He started off by saying how he doesn’t find conventional beauty attractive... and then as the conversation progressed he mentioned that he thought I was pretty.

Was this a roundabout way of saying that I’m ugly to everyone else?

summersong · F
Tbh any time a guy starts talking about not liking conventional beauty I assume it’s because he’s trying to sound more enlightened than he actually is, and I disregard any resulting comments about attractiveness.
SammyJo · 51-55, F
Y'see, there's this notion of what is 'beautiful' which is fostered on us from the media....and, yes, there are a fair percentage that follows that, just like sheep are to the shepherd....but there's many more that feel odd that their notion of beauty just doesn't [i]'fit'[/i] with these so-called standards....which is odd, when you think about it because 'standards' are [i]suppose to be[/i] the majority rule book, when it actually isn't !

...which, in effect, makes these that think they are odd for thinking their own way as THE standard!

The world is weird! Take it as you're beautiful!


SJD xx
I think he trying to sell himself to you. Brainwash you into believing he's the only option hence eliminating the competition.
adorbz · 26-30, F
well......I’d hope he didn’t mean it to come across like that 😅 but tbh by ‘conventional beauty’ he probably doesn’t mean anything to do with beauty, just popular girls who won’t fuck him. And doesn’t consider that the world is bigger than that.

Fwiw, I think you’re pretty too 🎶
CrustyDDingus · 36-40, M
He's probably a loser, don't believe him. You're beautiful by polish standards, which are the only standards that count.
rottenrobi · 56-60, F
Ask him what he considers a conventional beauty. That should help you know what he meant.
ncgremlin · 56-60, M
Well from what I can tell by your pic I think your pretty
He is tripping and worthy of being ignored.
I assume by "conventional" he means the beauty queen, cheerleader, catalogue model types. But there are tons of pretty women who aren't Barbie dolls. He probably sees you like that
@Qwerty14 too bad I’m a dyke lmao
@Qwerty14 and he was ugly by every standard
@MorbidCynic Some people are ugly through and through

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