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Does getting a tattoo hurt? What does it feel like?

I'm getting quite a detailed first tattoo on my upper leg and I'm pretty nervous.
Little bit , but i Love the sensation of needle on my bare skin .
I have 6 tats .
[@533206,lauriethecolourful] Go & get your first one please .
Your skin deserve an artistic Touch . 😊
[@673202,valobasa4ever] Oh I will for sure. :) I am really excited to get my first one done.
[@533206,lauriethecolourful] After get that please avoid swimming pool for few days .
Suethenudist · 31-35, F
Everyone tolerates pain differently. Mine wasnt that bad.
[@102045,Nudesue26] I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I should be alright. :)
Suethenudist · 31-35, F
[@533206,lauriethecolourful] i think so
hami1091 · 41-45, F
I never thought so but many many others I know who have tats tend to think they hurt to some extent. I've heard them compared to getting vaccinated many times in a row, allergy test, and cats kneading painfully. And I saw one poor person stop the process once it started and I really had to feel bad for them. No one is going to be able to answer that question for you but you.
Montanaman · M
Loved it actually. Was relaxing. 😆👍💞🤭
[@701855,Montanaman] I heard the same thing from my boyfriend. Hahaha
keeper · 41-45, M
I think a lot of it depends on the location..
[@773924,keeper] It will be on my thigh.
keeper · 41-45, M
[@533206,lauriethecolourful] It seems the "inner part" of limbs is more sensitive, at least that's my take.

I have a large one on my arm that extends partially towards to the bicep. Def felt that area more.
xixgun · M
Imagine being repeatedly stabbed with a needle.
[@777164,xixgun] That's the thing. I don't mind the pain of a needle. But the thought of it happening multiple times, really fast kinda scares me. 😂
Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
It stung at first but then just kinda chilled me out.
ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
It's ok. Bring music and headphones
Synyster · 46-50, M
Depends where you're getting the tat and how much shading is needed.
[@795132,Synyster] I'm getting it on the thigh, and it's a colour tat.
Synyster · 46-50, M
[@533206,lauriethecolourful] Well it won't hurt that much, but if they have a lot of shading, that's where the skin gets sensitive.
Success · 22-25, F
As you age you'll deeply regret it. If you must tattoo get something small, and in a less conspicuous place.
200t00 · 46-50, M
Yep it does

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