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Why is it when your bank account finally starts to grow, something happens and you suddenly have to spend most of it?

I've saved for a long time and I've been getting a lot of hours at work, my bank account is healthy, but now I'm having to spend [i]thousands[/i] of dollars on multiple things in just one month. 馃檮馃槶 Curse being an adult sometimes!
You're doing pretty well for someone your age. Did you know that 40% of American adults can't handle a $400 emergency?

This will drive home your wisdom in saving for these situations. Nice work!
maybesomeday26-30, F
@hlpflwthat Well thanks, I guess that is a positive here!
Murphy's Law.

If it can go wrong it probably will.

Also with money you are young and didn't know this so don't beat up on yourself:

The rule is if you are not used to having that much of it you shouldn't have it because you will waste it. You will deny this and it will happen anyway.

Solution: Learn about your enemy. Know your enemy and you will always prevail but money can be the cruelest most merciless enemy a person ever loved.

I am really sorry that happened to you.
We work hard to be poor
Be thankful you had the wisdom to save.
Too many people don't bother to save, and would have to put put thousands of dollars on a credit card, or borrow against their home.
maybesomeday26-30, F
@chrisCA I'll never own a credit card; if I can't afford something, I simply don't get it.
Thats life. In 2 months I have to pay real estate taxes, home insurance and car insurance. That takes a big chunk out of my checking plus I had the unexpected expense of a crown on one of my teeth.
b2206546-50, M
You can look at it the other way too...

Thank goodness you have a nice savings account to help you when bad things happen.

Welcome to adulthood :-)
It's a government conspiracy. They're always watching 馃憗
Because the Devil created Murphy's Law.

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