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Some people are super patriotic ( mostly Americans) I think it’s cute. I try to be patriotic myself but I can never get over the thought that

we are one planet , with man made borders we are still a single dot in the vast largeness of space . Wether you like it or not we are literary in the sane location and are one people different as we may seem to each other .
Insomniac100 Best Comment
I sort of agree. None of us can control the location or what country we were born in. So it’s kinda weird for people to rally around a variable they have no influence on. It’s not like we picked a place on earth right before we shot out of the womb.

I have other social groups more personal to me that I draw my personality and happiness from. Not from 324 million people I don’t know lol.

ravenwind43 · 46-50, F
We aren't all the same except aside from being the same species. It would be quite dull and pointless to all be ONE. There is no way to all be one anyway, because it cancels out individuality and independent thought. That is needed more.
plungesponge · 36-40, M
I used to think that. But culture matters and what each nation believes is acceptable is important to distinguish, because the wrong ideas can destroy us all.
BlueVeins · 22-25
@plungesponge Very, very few countries are culturally isolated in this era though, especially the USA.
Few of us human beings cling to lofty ideals as those

Mostly everyone is on that us vs. them attitude. And innocent and fragile people get crushed in the process.
TheLoveAge · 31-35, F

*Be careful there’s grammar cops out
[c=#359E00]i think.. they teach 'how to be patriotic' on school[/c] 😄😄😄

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