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2019 I'm going to be mor e honest, so here goes

1. Civilisation would be a lot better off if some people weren't a part of it.
2. Most people suck: when you remove the idiots, the malicious, the sheep there isn't really a lot of people left worthy of the respect that comes with the title of being human on earth.
3. Do you ever think about the artists, inventors, scientists, how in their time they were shunned, bullied and laughed at, yet it is the same types of people that enjoy and sometimes need the work that those people did? Those artists, inventors, scientists, architects are the reason humanity is even looked upon as being great in the first place and they are a small portion of the overall population, yet they are the ones who get treated bad the most ( until its time to celebrate them of course )

Example : Einstein his teachers thought he was stupid, mocked him for it to the point he left school. Yet no one in the class they thought was clever did anything close to what he did

Nicola Tesla died a poor man robbed of his inventions yet look at all we've got thanks to him
Dan193 · 26-30, M
The 3rd point people just avoid aknowledging. Also how can a teacher, somebody that's supposed to be familiar with all of that, can turn a blind eye to bullying and either not get involved or say: they're just kids, boys will be boys? Annoying and sad.
Pureblossom · 22-25, F
Because they were probably the bullies when they were in school, so in a way they are just defending themselves [@14565,Dan193]
Dan193 · 26-30, M
[@377010,Pureblossom] or too scared to do anything about it. I remember in school there were some younger teachers that would let so much go, hoping that maybe the loud kids will stop disrupting their lessons so much.
Riverman · 56-60, M
Your statements 1 and 2 could be a bit disturbing without more context. Sounds like something Stalin would say. My guess is that you don't really mean it.?
Pureblossom · 22-25, F
[@834323,Riverman] Oh snap Stalin, 😳really. what did he say exactly similar to that ill look it up.
And no I didn't completely mean it but see evidence of it enough to feel like saying it
xixgun · M

Don't forget the people who think everyone who came before them was a knuckle dragging mouth breather, but conveniently forget those knuckle dragging mouth breathers gave them everything they take for granted in their lives (electricity, cell phones, cars, indoor plumbing, toilet paper, microwave ovens, pizza delivery, etc.)
Pureblossom · 22-25, F
[@777164,xixgun] exactly. That whole listen to your elder's thing, or don't correct them ( even when they are wrong ) because its considered rude ,
GlassDog · 41-45, M
I can't disagree with any of that. It's largely how I think too.
RebelRebel · M
Ok sweetie happy new year and dont forget van gogh his ear is worth listening to
Pureblossom · 22-25, F
yes I was actually going to mention him but thought I wrote a bit much[@4176,CrackedActor]
Kingfish28 · 26-30, M
Einstein was a fraud, and a plagiarist.

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