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Why do my friends try to make me feel guilty about somethings?

You're friends are right! You are so hurtful and ungrateful.
They need to butt out!
You can have more than one backpack
You should feel guilty.
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I went to the store and bought a backpack for school. My friends was like, "It's so cute. Didn't your cousins get you a backpack already for your birthday"
I was like, "Yeah but this backpack is for school. To put my school things." One friend said, "Oh. Well they're going to be heartbroken when they see that because they went though all that trouble to get you a very nice small backpack and you just went and got yourself another one. You're so ungrateful!" I was shocked about what they said. I was like, "Excuse me?! I happened to be very grateful of what they got me. I just needed a bigger backpack to put my school things in like my folders and school supplies in. I'm just using it for school. Besides you can have more than one backpack right?"
My other friend said, "Whatever. If I bought someone a nice bag and theu went on and bought another one, I could feel hurt. Your cousins will be hurt." I use the backpack so many times and I love it so much. You can have two backpacks right. The small one I use to carry around to go places or shopping. Sheesh.
Now I feel guilty a little but I'm only using the big backpack for school. Just like people have more than one bag or purses. What's the big deal? I have a semester left before I graduate.
SW User
Your friend’s feelings would clearly be hurt, but that doesn’t mean your cousin wouldn’t have been understanding about it. Since your cousin was the one who gave you the backpack and not your friend, don’t worry about it. You’re being practical by getting a bigger backpack.
[@803576,Tumbleweed] Damn now I feel even more worse. Maybe I should return the bag.
SW User
[@862748,ShyGirl88] Nah. Look at it this way: by using a different bag for school, the backpack that your cousin got you will last longer now. So you can enjoy the gift more.
[@803576,Tumbleweed] Ooh okay. I get it. Thank you
SW User
You have a right to buy whatever you want . And it’s a different size and for a different reason. Don’t let people bug you.
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
Do they not understand you're using the one you got as a gift? Dont feel guilty.its really ok to have three ,if you need them. Dont think about it anymore.
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
[@862748,ShyGirl88] You dont have to worry about what your friends are saying.You even said it yourself,That you love it.just keep using i as you are.No guilt,just enjoy it.
[@438210,Eddiesolds] Thank you
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
[@862748,ShyGirl88] You're welcome
Neoerectus · 51-55, M
Passive aggression...

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