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What story do you have of your kids catching you sneaking around trying to play santa?

I thought it was funny a couple years ago my daughter (23 yrs old) said when she was little, she saw me outside gnawing on a carrot before I hung it up by the door to make it look like the reindeers nibbled on it haha
If my kids ever caught me, they’ve never told me. My son almost busted me when I was outside their bedroom windows on Christmas Eve jingling sleigh bells to make them think Santa was approaching. He whipped his curtains open, and I dove behind one of our pines for cover.
Awww Lol! This reminds me of when my Dad dressed up one year as FC the costume was too tight and the bears fell off lol 😂 kids were sacred senseless pahaha 🤪😌
Motleycrue667 · 46-50, F
@SW-User lol who is FC?
Father Christmas 🎄 @Motleycrue667
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