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If you met a person whether here or in rl, that you suspected had a mental disorder what would you do?

I'm curious because usually it's outsiders not usually family members that can tell if something isn't within "normal" behavioral characteristics.
firefall · 61-69, M
I'd advise them (gently) of my observation/conclusion, and recommend seeking RL help of some sort. But if they dont want to hear it, I wouldn't press
So far, my approach has been to help. To understand and accept and help.
I've learned over time that this is not appreciated.
If I meet someone like this now, my approach would be to do nothing.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User I think this is why I struggle so much.
@Peppa Yeah. I think same for me.
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User I'm sorry. Hopefully as you'll be in the right setting you'll be able to do your bit as they'll be coming to you and it will dull the fact there are so many others in need.
Leave them to their ownselves till they ask for help.
@Peppa 😌 my responses comes from the practical experiences. am sorry if that makes you feel sad which had not been my intent. Cheers!
Peppa · 31-35, F
@sspec well you were honest.
@Peppa I am myself. 👍
Define normal!
Peppa · 31-35, F
@SW-User not hallucinating, not hyperactive, not having a short attention span, not aggressive, not manipulating others, not self harming, self loathing, not displaying sexualised behaviour at a young age. The list could go on but I'm sure I'm making my point.
@Peppa certainly making a point, and that is normal does not actually exists. LOL

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