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So this bitch, who lives upstairs from me is praying and that’s fine and dandy except for the fact that she’s practically screaming and I can hear her

Like if she were in my bedroom, she woke my kids up 😑

I’m all for freedom of religion (I think she’s some denomination of Christian) but um how can I politely tell her she’s super loud? Maybe she’s unaware? - I hope.
Dan509 · 22-25, M
Umm.... If she keeps yelling "oh god oh god oh god" I regret to inform you she isn't praying
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@1184,Dan509] no She’s scream praying
She hasn’t had a male called in about a year
Could be because her mom lives below me now or because she finally realized brining strange men around her son wasn’t good
Or because she’s seeking Mr right and not Mr Right now

Sounded like she was praying for a good man and for her enemies to be cast down...
MikeSp · 56-60, M
Of course she has the right to pray in her home, but not the right to disturb her neighbors. Talk to her in a gentle but firm way, then follow up your conversation with a note outlining that. You may need it as evidence later. If you all have a landlord, don't hesitate to get them involved.
Some denominations are snake handlers. Better hope none get loose.
SoLong · M
Seems strange. I’ve never heard someone scream prey before.
On another profile pic!
SoLong · M
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] I believe the Winchester brothers use salt to keep “things” out or in?? Maybe try some of that before bed
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@369331,TheIrishLad] I’ll put it everywhere lol 😂
SoLong · M
Salty goodness [@7704,KaysHealingPath]
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
Maybe you need to get her involved in some local Charismatic Movement. 😂😂
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@403045,Ambroseguy80] oy lol 😂
Ambroseguy80 · 51-55, M
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] definitely off-site. 😛
Maybe a short note, saying your kids need their sleep.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@337979,ColleenOhara] I don’t get how her 8 yr old is sleeping through this? He’s in the same class as my 8yr old
[@7704,KaysHealingPath] good point.. really sad.
SoftServe · 26-30, M
Smack her with a bible 😂
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
[@351322,SoftServe] lol 😂
VioletDreams · 36-40, F
Lol like a CRAZY person!

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