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How could school shootings be prevented?

I say at the age of 14 you should be taken away from your parents and placed into a school where they close you feed you and do not let you around anything that could be used as a weapon and you will be handcuffed next to the person next to you while you eat your lunch and dinner and released at the age of 21 of their weapons so they cannot defend their families in any way shape or form
RodneyTrotter · 51-55, M
Guns aren't legal here, there hasn't been a school shooting for 2 decades or more.
There's a hint.
menkaure · M
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] It's not fucking rocket science guys. They don't need to over complicate this.
RodneyTrotter · 51-55, M
[@687620,menkaure] That's a major problem with the world, even sport is treated like rocket science now. Over complication just confuses the fuck out of everyone and nothing gets done.
TheProphet · M
Sounds like it was designed by a liberal.
BlueRain · 51-55, F
So after they graduate, they are around weapons and can’t handle it?
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
[@468906,BlueRain] at least it didn't happen on school property
BlueRain · 51-55, F
[@19729,TheRascallyOne] it could if they come back. After being treated like you mentioned there is even a better chance they come back angry.
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
[@468906,BlueRain] the prison guards I mean School guards won't let them get close enough
humongous · 41-45, M
gun sales increase to 21, no guns for mentally ill/those in psych programs, no guns for domestic violence convicts, no semi-auto rifles, magazine capacity down to 8. Felony to sell guns at gun shows. Close gun show loophole or peer-to-peer sales.
humongous · 41-45, M
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] 2nd amendment is a right in this country but it can be reasonably curbed just like the 1st
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
[@611878,humongous] yeah screw the rules
RodneyTrotter · 51-55, M
[@611878,humongous] That old 10CC song, Blinded By The Right :D
ban the criminal safe zone (gun free zone) if you look, it appears all shootings occur in this zone
Tastyfrzz · 56-60, M
Now that we are awash in guns and twelve billion rounds of ammunition per year it's pretty difficult to do anything from the gun and of it. Even bullets are being simplified so as not to be dependent on brass and there are two types of primers. If they insisted that all bullets be steel instead of lead the injuries would be less severe.
TheSunisout · 56-60, M
Simple ban all guns 😊
TheRascallyOne · 31-35, M
[@11430,thesunisout] I think we should just ban all children
TheProphet · M
[@19729,TheRascallyOne] We should make people be tested and licsensed to have children. To many here should never be allowed to procreate. Mandatory sterilization for any that don't pass.
It's not gonna stop in America, you guys are too gun brainwashed and I'm not going anywhere near you guys

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