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I'm going to start robbing liquor stores convenience stores and possibly gas stations anybody want to come along?

I want to go back and forth across the United States possibly some parts of Canada.
Tuscan · 61-69, M
So what music would you like played at your funeral ?
Jibby · 56-60, C
[@629164,Tuscan] who else..?! if anybody's redoing that song they should be shot at sunrise..
Tuscan · 61-69, M
[@563795,Surfcrab] I am quite fond of the sex pistols version and Sid Vicious can really bang out those lyrics
Jibby · 56-60, C
[@629164,Tuscan] you know what that is the only version I have respect for and just the fact they played it at the end of Goodfellas made it even more so
sillysweetgirl · 22-25, F
In Canada would be a bad idea cause where you gonna go when they are chasing after you?
Jibby · 56-60, C
[@393845,sillysweetgirl] I'm going to hide out in Sunnyvale Trailer Park that's where
sillysweetgirl · 22-25, F
You've thought of everything lol. Good luck then
MougyWolf · 36-40, M
Your first mistake was announcing it ;)
Jibby · 56-60, C
[@1501,MougyWolf] I'm pretty sure it will be announced right after the first liquor store
Tminus6453 · M
Dont bother with Canada, their money isnt worth a damn
Jibby · 56-60, C
[@27230,Tminus6453] I remember going to the Canada side of the falls and I had all these big coins in my pocket and realized later they Were worth so little that they weren't worth carrying around
sounds like you have a great 5 year plan in the works.
Jibby · 56-60, C
[@690116,beckyann] i feel pretty good about it..i mean what could possibly go wrong..i was pretty thorough in planning... drive a car in front of a liquor store..leave it running have a partner waiting to drive it away at a fast speed ..go in with a gun rob the liquor store take off.. so I ask.. how could that possibly go any other way but right?
Sure I will join u on my Harley.

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