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Did anyone watch the documentary of the first modern Brit?

It was quite interesting given the fact his face was revealed as having dark to black skin and piercing blue eyes.
Previous constructions of the Cheddar mans face were assumed to be of fairer complexion which was in line with the widespread belief that early britons had fair coloured skin just as their present day decedents do today. However that was merely an assumption.

Researchers extracted DNA from the bone powder in the skeleton’s skull which was found 10,000 years ago. The genetic material was remarkably well preserved, which was thought to be due to the fact that Cheddar Mans Skeleton was in Gough's cave for a long duration.

The fact he was discovered to have black skin and blue eyes is quite rare but also interesting in regards to how these imaginary racial categories that now exist are actually quite modern constructions that weren't really applicable to the past at all. Looking further back at his ancestry line, he was traced back to other parts of Europe like Spain, Luxembourg, and Hungary. Prior to that they found middle eastern and African ancestors... soOoOoO the infamous "Go back to your own country" phrase is quite amusing to say the least.

This kind of history is evident all around the world. Migration was part of history. All our ancestors were immigrants.
I've recorded it, but yes "go back to your own country" and hatred for immigration is mind boggingly stupid. I asked an American who was complaining about immigrants how many generations it took to belong to a country.
[@406205,Babylon] Exactly! But it's challenging to break the wolf pack mentality many have. Humans have had it since the beginning of time but to think like that in modern day society makes no sense. We're no longer fighting for survival as we were then. Immigrants are used as scapegoats because everyone needs an explanation and someone to blame right?

They raise the point of race being a modern construction in the documentary too. Oh and cannabilism was mentioned..which always makes great tv.. k, enough spoilers.
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Which essentially lands to an idea, no land is yours or ours.
Wraithorn · 51-55, M
I did read about that and it's cool but not surprising. After all, Humanity did originate in Africa. We are all descended from Black people.
KaysHealingPath · 31-35, F
That’s pretty awesome thanks for sharing I’m going to look up this documentary.
UndeadPrivateer · 26-30, M
Neat. I'm going to read into this further.

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