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So, the Ferrari asked the Chevrolet.........

You can't imagine the stunned feeling. The sheer panic such a question produced. You can not. You simply can't unless it happened to you. Months of notes, emails. Bland conversations. Flirtations. Then, the air sucked out of the room.


Thats what it did to the Chevrolet. It produced silence. Lots of it. The kind that says "Oh God, I hope no one hears me"

The Ferrari too became silent. But it was different. It was indignant. It was a silence borne of presumed rejection.

But unknown to the Ferrari , the Chevrolet was wounded as well, but the wound was self inflicted. It was not worthy of sharing a parking space with the Ferrari. Let alone the parking lot. The fear of such an encounter forced the Chevrolet to rust and sputter - it's engine coughing and exhaust smoking.

As time marched on, they failed to pass by one another. Their horns silent, lights darkened and engines calmed. Not even a stop light encounter, let alone a highway pass.

The Ferrari surly encountered a Lamborghini or Bugatti or perhaps even a Rolls Royce.

The Chevrolet ........ remained parked. Idling around town. Occasionally recalling the time he once raced with Ferrari. Only to remember....he gave up before the race really started. Incapable of believing he qualified.

Sometimes, the rearview mirror IS a lot more clear than the windshield.

Be strong my friends. Your worth is not measured by you, but by others. When one values your worth, don't reject it. Be thankful. Put it in gear and see where the road takes you both.

Drive thirsty!

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