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What is a horror story of late from where you live?

This week a man in Dublin killed his wife by strangling her, he hid her body in a sleeping bag and a blanket and put her in a wardrobe, he then reported her missing. He barricaded himself into his house, and when the police arrived he jumped out the 3rd story window - broke his 2 ankles and legs and collar bone, then he slashed his wrists, but the policeman saved him and he's now under armed guard in hospital.
Ohio has had its fair share. Lately a number of little kids have frozen to death. Terrible stories..
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] Woman left her kids with the boyfriend. Sometimes double locks are needed to keep toddlers in.
SW User
[@337979,ColleenOhara] Yes, there was a horrible story here a few years ago about a 4 year old, let himself out while his mum was in the shower, he ended up drowning in the "pond" in the middle of the apartment complex
CheshireCatalyst · 36-40, M
There's a story from a few years ago of a teenager who broke into a pensioners house to rob her... but she was home so he killed her and her dog...then...

...ugh...sorry... then afterwards he had sex with her, and left her body on the oven with the heat on so the house burned down. :( :( :(
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[@337880,ChasingBrainBros] OMG! that is defo one of the worst stories :/
Dusty101 · 46-50, F
It was horrific. Pity the police saved him.
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[@572340,Dusty101] Oh Hi! Pleased to meet you neighbour :-)
Dusty101 · 46-50, F
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] you're the first I've met from dublin... hi. Brilliant meeting you too.
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[@572340,Dusty101] I was on EP for 5 or 6 years, then joined here. I am not here as often as I used to be, I just come and go now and again.

Lovely to meet you!
Wraithorn · 51-55, M
Wow, I would love to get inside that man's mind in order to find out what the hell happened in there. That's quite some story.
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[@385840,Wraithorn] There is a back story that he was questioned about drugs money found on his work premises some months prior, then straight after that seems to be when he and his wife separated
.. I think he looks bat shit crazy

THis is him and her

[image deleted]
Wraithorn · 51-55, M
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] I think he looks like the kind of rugged bad boy that many women would fall for in a hearbeat. I presume that he was overly possessive and couldn't stand the idea of another man "owning" her. I'm just guessing.
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Look at them ! God they look so happy and content then this horror! So utterly sad 😔 it didn’t have to turn out that way at all. Switch off from the news for a bit hun... you’re are so much like me in re to feeling empathy and sensitivity towards such topics. Turn off the news and listen to music 🎶 darling 💜 no disrespect to those concerned but you are entitled to breath without feeling bad about it! [@435994,MightyMarvellous]
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[@623545,JennyLucy] Thanks Jennylucy🤗
KneAuxBody · C
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] Soooooo ....
You have No Life and You're Facebook Stalking a Deranged Killer ???

I must add YOU to my friends list!
Winenot · 46-50, F
Town just south of me, a man was chasing a salesman on a car lot with a knife, police shot and killed him. Just sad.
In my actual town-- the normal. Domestic violence homicide, rape, fentanyl OD.
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[@485257,Daisy48] on facebook I think he looks deranged. She was with him from 1999 and they just recently broke up.
KneAuxBody · C
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] broke up?
you mean DIED?
SW User
[@602522,Kneauxledge] no, they separated they were recently "estranged" but for some reason she went to meet him on 5th Feb, she was "missing" for 10 days before he reported her missing.
KneAuxBody · C

[big][center]CRAZY MAN DOES CRAZY THINGS!!![/center][/big][/b]
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Wow.. That is intense. Just, wow..
Myzery · 36-40, F
Most recent, I suppose the school shooting. Florida has plenty of horrific stories.

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