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How many of you find out you r blocked and wonder ...

Why T F am I blocked by this person ...????
At least introduce yourself and tell me the reason before blocking 馃槃..Losers!馃槓馃槃
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Especially if its people I've never interacted with on posts at least let me give you a reason first 馃槀馃槀馃槀
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@486117,W4nderer] that's what I'm saying 馃槀
SW User
[@572836,TechniCoIorBroccoli] thanks for BA

Yes, I鈥檝e had it happen. I especially wonder when it鈥檚 someone with whom I鈥檝e had pleasant conversations. But, such is life, alas... 馃檨
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] yes..really strange
SW User
Generally they cant handle my awesomeness馃榿馃榿馃榿馃榿
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] [@485959,seeandhear] agree
SW User
[@485959,seeandhear] Thank you! :-)
[@435994,MightyMarvellous] 鈽 You're welcome!
Not all people who block are losers. I have 457 people blocked out of the 500 allowed. I don't have to tell anyone why I block them...sometimes I do. I myself am always getting blocked...mostly by men who apparently do NOT like being called on their disgusting behavior. I DO NOT CARE! If the people who block you are people you think you're developing some kind of relationship with through PM's...that will keep happening. Really, faceless strangers...why care?
[@572836,TechniCoIorBroccoli] I misunderstood...that IS creepy!
[@331316,Fernie] Well, I block rabid Trump supporters, so why not ?
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] ha! I sometimes do but then sometimes I enjoy telling them off. You know how I can're much more civilized in that area
I don't care lol.
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@674752,NumberEleven] I don't but really it perplexs me 馃槃
[@572836,TechniCoIorBroccoli] I wonder about the ones I've never spoken to lol, but oh well...
I don't give a fuck tbh.
I had a puzzling block yesterday. A user said I'm one of the reasons she stays on this site and I thanked her. Then another user starts to harass her. I was giving her moral support and about to come to her defense when I noticed she blocked me and kept talking to HIM!!
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@485959,seeandhear] that doesn't surprise me at all
[@328496,bijouxbroussard] It really was! At first I thought "wha?...." and admittedly I was a little miffed but eh that's her decision. If she wants her blood pressure raised I say go for it.
[@572836,TechniCoIorBroccoli] Exactly, right?
Keepitsimple51-55, F
Don鈥檛 even care. Block away. Don鈥檛 need to know why, too many people here to talk to anyway.
most democrats have already blocked me even if I had no interaction just on principle
I've given up reason every block I'm facing. Some I will know, they are done by people I've stood up to inside threads. But there will be several others I've not even interacted with... Hmm. Maybe because they recall me from EP, although some of them actually were some I got along with well there. As said, given up on looking for possible explanations behind any blocks. It's how it is and I will live fine without them.
ravenwind4346-50, F
I am usually blocked by people I've never said a word too. 馃 Ah well.
StevenIzzi51-55, M
I wish I knew just so I could heart it.
[@393772,Izzi1s] lol right?
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@393772,Izzi1s] 馃槃
Dusty10146-50, F
I hear you. I care especially when I got along with the person.
SW User
I just go like, "oh someone blocked me"
[image deleted]
Cute 馃槉[@613397,EvenMorePatheticClown]
TBH I couldn't tell you one persons name that has blocked me . I am sure there are a few . Oh BTW I slept fine last night lol
[@7811,LadyJuneBug] 馃槅
[@485959,seeandhear] lol I seem to make you laff a lot
don't really want them to introduce themselves usually, but wonder why in the world they blocked me for sometimes when i've literally never heard of them and don't attempt to insult or offend anyone, i basically just say what i say and wander off. only time i have issue, is because other people cant stand letting someone have their own opinion or answer, stating their own as their own individial comment and moving on as well, so they feel the need to start arguments.馃し
I think I鈥檝e been blocked, but don鈥檛 care enough to verify it
SW User
Now and then yeah, I even get blocked for trying to cheer someone up who claims to be having a hard time! They are usually young females. I don't talk to them anymore.
[@659143,JohnnyCat] they are probly guy trolls anyway
SW User
[@209334,ZeroG] oh i know it. Some of these trolls like that are very clever and make believe stories to sound far beyond their age. I know of a few of them.
[@659143,JohnnyCat] some of them act dumber than dumb.. Like no teenager is that stupid.. Sheesh 馃檮
SW User
Yep 馃憤 I received a pm one morning from a sw user who I thought at the time I got along with but because I didn鈥檛 laugh at his joke one time he messaged and told me I was blocked - wth lol 馃槀
Trevo22-25, M
Sometimes I'm actually the one that who's blocked them only they've changed their user names, I think. But I can't be sure lol.
muffinman61-69, M
guess i am one of those losers.

if someone does not realize he/she is so obnoxious and perverted, that the grass won't grow within ten feet of his/her shadow 鈥 then he/she will not even understand english well enough to realize why the hell i am blocking him/her.

i am not his brother 鈥 it is not my duty to inform him 鈥 get over yourself.

color me 'loser'.
TechniCoIorBroccoli46-50, F
[@562847,muffinman] so u block people u haven't interacted with ? COz that's what my question is about
muffinman61-69, M
[@572836,TechniCoIorBroccoli] not blocked 鈥 muted. best wishes to you.
Ya know.... it really doesn't matter...

These are internet "people" and they really don't count in real life!
Blooo22-25, M
Nope, I usually never find out or care.
Test1234526-30, M
SW User
I'm not overly worried about being blocked. I would kind of like to know why though. The feedback might aid in modifying my behavior.. I don't particularly like to piss people off.
yeronlyman51-55, M
I wouldn鈥檛 expect it鈥檚 personal if it appears random to you
HeyRuben41-45, M
Many... I don't care.

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