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Why are most short people so aggressive towards tall people?

One time my best friend (4'11) and I were play fighting. I didn't want to but she told me it would toughen me up. I started play fighting with her and charged at her but she went on and beat me up. She started pushing me and swinging her arms and took me down. I was shocked on how she took me down. I tried again grabbed her and she beat the crap outta me, dragged me down and beat me. I told her to stop and I though we were playing and she said, " came at me and charged at me very fast so I had to do it. Short people can FIGHT! Don't think we can't fight." My short friends always wanted to challenge me to a fight and told me I'm lucky to be tall and people take me more seriously and I don't have to work hard to be tough. I hate being 6ft. My friends are under 5'3.
WesTheHuman · 36-40, M
Im 6'5. Honestly, I've never really experienced this. Most short people that are unpleasant towards me for no reason I just assume are unpleasant people in general.
Feuerwehrmann · 22-25, M
[@688073,WesTheHuman] Dear BFG, it could be argued that most people you, being as tall as you are, consider short are not short in absolute terms, which the author of this post could use as an argument to counter your claim
WesTheHuman · 36-40, M
[@439819,Nosferatu] haha, while this is true, I consider guys short when they're around 5'6.. and ladies when theyre around 5'2 and under.. everyone else to me is normal until they get over 6'0 or around my height which is pretty much freakishly tall.
rckt148 · 61-69, M
tall people usually have a longer reach ,and certainly a wider gape
you can take on step back and be out of their reach and one step back and be in their face (playing of coarse )
Put you hand on their forehead and keep them at arms length
let them swing ,keep yourself at a forward lean but steady on your feet
See what they can do then
you might be surprised ,,, they can even touch you unless you let them
you still have the advantage ,,you just never learned to use it
I am 5'9"
I had to learn ways to get into a tall man ,,,,I can bob and weave ,
but they can step in and out easier ,and keep me at arms length
if they know how
StressedNumbness · 22-25, F
That's not a friend then. She's an ass for that, she attacked you out of her own insecurities. If one of my "friends" ever tried that on me then they better start sleeping with one eye open.
[@685998,StressedNumbness] how ever do you mean?
StressedNumbness · 22-25, F
[@633460,BeautiyRose96] she beat you up when you guys were only suppose to be playing 😕. And I'm saying I wouldn't let someone get away with it.
[@685998,StressedNumbness] I wish I didn't. My cousin said I should have beat her ass and that's what happens when I'm too nice.
Feuerwehrmann · 22-25, M
Short people can usually punch you in the genitals. That’s the only advantage they have, tbh
gdon39 · 31-35, M
It's the Napoleon Complex. Hmu if you want to know more. I like your groups and post btw.
SW User
they need a stool to perform anal?
Eddiesolds · 56-60, M
Lmfao This is so funny!☺

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