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You brainless rainbow brites seem to weasel around the question LET ME REPHRASE it. Simple. Where exactly is the blood when an illegal alien , convict that your kind wanted early parole for , or thug kills a bystander or first responder ? Whos HANDS is THAT on. Surely not the NRA. Those arent groups we support
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You won't get your answer, not a clear one atleast. There's no such thing as a deluded, deranged physcopath behind the trigger in their eyes. Unless, of course, you are "one of us".

All I know is, I'm a girl packing heat, legal and skilled. Why? I know there are crazies out there. I like living and breathing to see another day. I wish that for everyone, even those not on my side. I hope to never have blood on my hands, but if I do, it will only be because I'm the hero of my own life and others. I'll gladly defend the liberals that condemn me for keeping up my NRA dues and concealed permit. I often wonder though, since I'm the "bad person", if the pc answer is to just let them be a casuality. After all, the war is against someone like me. However, you can't pick and chose but more importantly, I don't have that much hatred in me.
[@584388,Littleboxofsecrets] Ive been labeled as a blood thirsty baby killer as well. But I find it funny ...lest they forget
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Yeah, well...

[@582038,FelixLegion] [image deleted]
[@584388,Littleboxofsecrets] Go figure ☺
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They attack the NRA because it's easier to throw insults and anger at an entity who is not going to throw it back. They're cowards. Actually, the left, who continually refuses to address the Chicago murder crisis, has a helluva lot more blood on their hands than some organization that exists to help ensure they don't violate our constitutional rights.
[@590870,StrongerNow] and TIGHT GROUPING ☺
[@2021,MarineBob] Semper Fi brother 🍻

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