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Who else has given up?

I feel like the harder I try to be what I should the harder it gets and giving up feels liberating. Even though I might lose. Lot from it
acpguy · C
Don't worry about it you will fit in somewhere. I was kind of a nerd and straight A's in high school and college. In High school I got a letter form our senator to go to the Airforce academy but didn't go. My degree in college was in education but I never taught because I was offered more money to manage four departments in a hospital. Then I got burned out by the politics then just wanted a grunt job so I went to work for a major pipeline then they thought I was smart so they sent me to classes to learn other things. The pipeline company went belly up but I had so much saved I retired at 45 and started my own consulting business that I thought would be just for fun and a hobby. I now make over $100k per year and only work when its warm and only about two days a week.

So, I didn't know where I was going at 18 and you know what........I still don't but I am having a blast.
TeresaRudolph71 · 46-50, F
Is it possible that you've been fighting for the wrong thing, maybe you've been trying to be something other than what you're meant to be? Maybe it's time to just be who you are, and then build on that. Just a suggestion.

That being said, there are things that I've been fighting for that I probably should give up on, like trying to salvage a friendship that was never real in the first place. That can be the hardest thing to accept, that something that meant so much was just an illusion.
Dshhh · M
Giving up, does not mean laying down and dying. Sometimes it means getting rid of all the crap that bugs you and going away free as a bird
[@686055,Dshhh] I don’t get t
Dshhh · M
[@588264,Human1919] well watching TV, better in bed eating popcorn, better in bed fill in the blanks! Just trying to lighten the mood
Okay thanks
Wiseacre · F
Ask urself if it's worth fighting for!
[@426791,Justsayit] nope,
[@426791,Justsayit] after a while trying starts to get boring and annoying
Wiseacre · F
[@588264,Human1919] understood!
WeighedDown · 36-40, M
I use to give up, but then I realized I had to start over every time so now no I don't give up
Mysteriousliaisons · 51-55, M
Oh never give up 👍
i've been knocked down so many times, i decided to stay down

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