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have you ever snuffed?

My bro is visiting, brought with him tabaka. "Snuff"

So i tried it.

Only to have him in stitches

[image deleted]

Guess, i am not too good in snuffing 馃槀
I was a young man working at a summer job in a steel mill. One of the guys bet me $5 that I couldn't take a pinch of snuff and stay to finish the shift.

I took the pinch and sniffed it, and threw the stuff between my fingers on the ground....didn't bother me at all.... the guy said not so fast....then he showed me, placing the snuff on the back of his hand and giving a snort...sucked it right up his nose. OMG

$5 was a princely sum in those I did as he showed me, sucked that nasty stuff up my nose.....sure did clear out my sinus. I did get a little light headed but stayed the day and won the $5.....I also learned I never wanted to try that nasty stuff again. 馃槚
Maggimay46-50, F
[@424751,bowman81] i will never be doing that again either. Still blowing it out of my nose. Nasty stuff!
Degbeme61-69, M
Never understood it. Same with chewing tobacco. 馃
Maggimay46-50, F
[@72117,Degbeme] never chewed tabacco 馃あ it sounds vile Degxi! 馃あ chewing it. Yuk.
Degbeme61-69, M
[@1046,Maggimay] It is vile. 馃あ
YouCanCallMeDan36-40, M
What鈥檚 it like?
Maggimay46-50, F
[@663939,JapSeyeKing] like sniffing peppermint.
YouCanCallMeDan36-40, M
[@1046,Maggimay] Are you going to buy an antique snuff box so that you look cool when you鈥檙e on the snuff?
Maggimay46-50, F
[@663939,JapSeyeKing] ne-A . Never doing it again. My brother can keep it. Yuck
Shutterbug51-55, M
Drugs never work maggimay.......馃檮馃槀
Maggimay46-50, F
[@377577,Shutterbug] no. These ones clearly dont! 馃ぃ
Noble51-55, M
Don鈥檛 snuff, just blow. 馃お
Maggimay46-50, F
[@11805,NobleDebaucher] that would defeat the object lol
RodneyTrotter51-55, M
Tried it when I was a kid, hay fever has nothing on a snort of snuff.
Maggimay46-50, F
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] i dont where i been living? under a rock 馃槀
RodneyTrotter51-55, M
[@1046,Maggimay] 馃槅 So you're now an avid snuffer?
Maggimay46-50, F
[@165858,RodneyTrotter] i think i can be converted. Especially with this cold
Sazzio31-35, M
Welsh! Never heard of it... Is it... A drug??
Maggimay46-50, F
[@424722,Sazzio] over the counter product in poland. I dont think so.
Could be worse:

[image deleted]
Maggimay46-50, F
[@1313,Nimbus] could be. Hahaha. One learns something new everyday

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