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How would the recognition of extreme longevity or even living forever change the way we would behave (or should behave)?

Bean1746-50, F
I don鈥檛 think you鈥檙e asking the right crowd that question. Most people on here seem to want out like yesterday.馃槄
Vestorius36-40, M
@Bean17 haha i notice it is easier to ask questions about a diaper fetish for 50+ old men.. I bet i would get alot of response lol
Bean1746-50, F
Haha yeah if it鈥檚 coins you鈥檙e looking for ask something more like that.馃榿 To answer your question though鈥擨 think from the studies they鈥檝e done on centenarians it has a lot to do with diet and living a lifestyle of moderation.@Vestorius
Vestorius36-40, M
@Bean17 interesting thank u :)
VioletShadows51-55, F
I think as we go there's an imbalance of focus on living for today that is often so ingrained it would be beyond comprehension for most people to even really think on for very long in a serious way. I would say, knowing humanity, if people thought about it too much, they would probab5 be so focused on future, they would either not live today to the fullest, or the evil ones would how much bad they could get away with, if there was no future penalty.

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