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If you had to chose 1 question you could ask that will prove someone anyone is stupid what would it be?

One question where the answers would clearly split the stupid from the smart (levels of education aside) - what would it be?
TheCoolestCat · 31-35, M
how much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
@TheCoolestCat now we're getting somewhere!
Area51 · 26-30, M
Is Hillary good?
@Area51 there are so many levels that question could be asked at... in many ways the answer is absolutely 'no', and in some ways the answer is 'yes'. In any case it's rather subjective.
Area51 · 26-30, M
@anotherprofile while I agree with most of your answer I think anyone with half a brain would say no, she has flipflopped on so many subjects, she has lied and destroyed evidence, there is a lot of suspicious murders for anyone who is about to testify against her...I'd have to say in general she is a bad person...maybe a great candidate but a bad person
@Area51 I suspect that's true also. That's why I was a Bernie Sanders supporter from the start. And would be for any true progressive.
Neoerectus · M
Who did you vote for? Since stupid is subjective, this would likely match the individuals's sense of stupidity.
@Neoerectus but how would it help you decide what the level of stupidity is?
Neoerectus · M
That was not in the original criteria. To the person asking the question it would be clear.
@Neoerectus v. fair point in your answer. But is there not a question that if you ask it the answer would objectively tell you the person was stupid?
unknownpoetx · 36-40, M
do you like trump?
unknownpoetx · 36-40, M
@anotherprofile ofc I do.
@unknownpoetx then you have a problem understanding the difference between objectivity and subjectivity.
unknownpoetx · 36-40, M
@anotherprofile no. I don't.
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Neoerectus · M
@TotalMiss 1 major and 1 minor - for 100 years so far.
@Neoerectus general knowlege doesn't really tell smarts just know-its ;)
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insextra · F
Are you stupid
@insextra what if they say no?
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
There is no such question.
@MartinTheFirst I agree in the main, but in the detail there is a thing to say... based on the logical positivists. A stupid question is any question that doesn't have a sensible answer (you can ask it but it doesn't have a sensible answer). anyone who proposes that kind of question is inherently dumb ;)
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
@anotherprofile i guess you take the price then...

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