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Do u ever feel different from others, like u see this world in a different perspective?

Pineapple · 100+, F
omg yes. and see animals differently to most people, that’s probably unrelated but a big one
@Pineapple thats suggest maybe a vegan or vegetarian?
@Diepere emph! Doesn't want to talk about tho!?
I get to see the world in a very unique way ... through the lens of solutions, math, faith and pragmatism.

it is not for everybody
Vestorius · 36-40, M
@questionWeaver u understand what i mean
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
To some extent but I largely put that down to being of English and Chinese heritage 🙂🎎
We're all unique yet can find things in common with others
Yes. Didn't fit in at the start, the middle and I'm not now!
DeecemberGirl · 31-35, F
Maybe but how would i know other's perspective?
@ButterFly2023 I wanted to PM you but you may think I'm after something other than offer my admiration, so i thought id say it here! ☺
ButterFly2023 · 18-21, M
I'm not admirable. Just an old school troll, who is pretty smart and loves getting wrecked.
LyricalOne · F
Yes, I am terminally unique.
Jentlemen · 46-50, M
all of us do
floatingintheocean · 36-40, F
All the time

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