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Can you help with ideas on my next book

I want to write books based in the future. One idea is based in 2056 and there is so much going on in America that some are fleeing to canada, but my main characters have trouble getting in after a swarm of Americans are going there. I'm not sure if this is realistic. I need ideas of how and why they are having trouble getting in
gmatthewb · 51-55, M
One main reason people are turned away at the border is due to a criminal record. I've crossed the border thousands of times between the US and Canada. Also, based upon what your wrote already, most countries (not sure if Canada is one) will limit the number of people entering the country. Since Canada has one of the lowest population densities in the world, I would think that might be a bit of a stretch. Another option to think of is the US government might not allow its citizens from leaving the US. Hope that helps
Motleycrue667 · 46-50, F
Yes thank you
America heats up so much it becomes unlivable. Up in Canada the heat is also bad which is causing the permafrost to melt, making giant lakes form and new Rivers are snaking across the land as a result. This is causing Earthquakes, cracks to form, huge land areas to sink. This is reducing the number of places people can cross safely.
Starcrossed · 41-45, F
Plauge, Fence built, Militia, radiation (dirty bomb or just a nuclear power incident), super volcano blew, major earthquakes esp down midwest fault lines, the crash, microchips, civilians require qr code tattoos, pole shift
JustmeD · 51-55, F
Maybe the USA built a wall along the border to keep out Canadians at some point and now it's working against them.
@JustmeD Canadians look across the border with sadness, it is far more likely we build a wall to keep americans and their guns out.
JustmeD · 51-55, F
@UreBesFrend yes that very well could be. I do feel sad when I look South across the border sometimes but I would like to think I would always welcome those seeking to move somewhere that they feel is safer.
Motleycrue667 · 46-50, F
Yeah that is a good idea. But if any country was already bordered up, it would be mexico. Hmm now got me thinking.
Maybe the wave of Americans is being stonewalled by Canada, so they're resorting to drastic measures (bombing barricades and digging tunnels) so Canada is stepping up security
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Given the current thinking in the U.S. administration, maybe the U.S seeks to evict all those not American by birth.
Or perhaps people are put into different States depending on their ethnicity or 'government deemed worthiness ! Educators live in Vermont; Scientists live in Washington; unskilled labor Detroit.....
A writer must come up with their own ideas.

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