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I live in the u.s. why do I feel so different and alive out west compared to any other state?

Cause, out west ... you get all your rights plus the second amendment.
goneeee · F
clean air, lots of things to do, friendly people
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
If you want excitement come to Camden NJ, the worst hell hole in America
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
@Motleycrue667 Its like the dirtiest parts of any given city but with nothing good about it, just poor and dirty. It has the most murders per square area in America worst then Detroit or Chicago
Motleycrue667 · 46-50, F
Wow had no idea. No wonder the eastern parts of us never appealed to me
JRVanguard · 26-30, M
@Motleycrue667 Yeah New Jersey's not a great place in general but home is home
Tres13 · 51-55, M
The state where ya never find a dance floor empty

labsrock · M
I love living in the west

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