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Praying brings good vibes?

When I was little I used to spend the night with a friend. They lived in a trailer. It was only a trailer nothing fancy, but I always felt good there, my friend had a bathroom connected to her room and when I was in her room and looked in the bathroom I felt peaceful. Her mom would come in her room every night and say prayers. It dawned on me only a couple years ago that maybe the reason I got such a good feeling in her room was because her mom prayed every night. A separate story.. I was hotel shopping in Branson Mo. This one hotel had a good energy and I felt at peace in the room. I mentioned that to the front desk clerk and he said that maybe it's because the owners are good Christians. Sometimes it's the subtle things that are brought on by prayer that the non-believers won't take notice of on their own
That's truly beautiful. It would seem you were open and available to allowing your Authentic Self to find you through those prayers. The good feelings you got were an indicator this was so. Finding true connection to God, Source, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, Higher Power, Inner Voice - whatever you wish to call it - always feels good. It's what tells you you're in alignment with your True Self. Follow your bliss.
True.... Good vibes lead to good peaceful thoughts.. Positivity and peace!! 💕
Letsjustbreathe · 51-55, F
Such a great story to read here, very nice, thanks for sharing
Stellen · 36-40, M
That's wierd.

When I was a kid anytime something nice happened my grandmother would say it happened because she prayed for it...

When something bad happened she said "it's gods will"

What the fucks the point? Either gods an asshole or he doesn't exist.

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