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Are you willing to take a lie detector test?

iMystery · M
Already did. Thrice.
Loretta78 · 46-50, F
@iMystery 👌
Sounds mysterious... 🤔
iMystery · M
@Loretta78 Lol... I guess I could say "boo-haa" and even that would sound mysterious 😂
Loretta78 · 46-50, F
@iMystery Yeah, sure. That's why you are MYSTERY! ;-) 😜 lol
NigelDoes · 56-60, M
Yeah, I'd be fine with that. I took one once and I found it quite interesting.
Tonka · M
I would pass no matter what because I would be thinking of cute puppies the whole time.
ManicMicah · 22-25, M
Depends on what kind of questions they're going to be asking me.
nirvsemp · 26-30, F
Sure, the lies don't really hurt anyone
pandainpinktutu · 26-30, F
Depends on the questions.
Loretta78 · 46-50, F
Yes. I have nothing to hide.
SpaceCreature · 26-30, F
No. Why would I need it?
SpaceCreature · 26-30, F
Isn't it rigged? It detects if your heart rate goes fast on certain questions.. so what if you just have a naturally fast heart beat? Then that makes you a liar.
@SpaceCreature I think they strap you in for a while, then ask generic questions to test how your heart responds before they get to the real questions

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