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If your shadow isn't a reflection of your soul.... Then what is it?

Datdudeblack · 36-40, M
reflection of the space i take up in this world
Datdudeblack · 36-40, M
@squirtle wait what when did i say that lmao i like good home cooked meal. i was assuming you was an nonaggressive person lol. i dont ven know your name to even give in. you won cuz of this brownie and cuz im a nice guy remember that.
@Datdudeblack lol...but I haven't even been that rough on you..or have I?
lol... well you've never bothered to ask, have you?

I won cause I can twist most things you say to my favor, that and these brownies are
Datdudeblack · 36-40, M
@squirtle no i was hoping you would feel guilty lol. may i know your name and if you tell me doesnt mean i said it or any other smart remark you may try to come up with lmao. maybe i let you twist what i say to your favor. now i really want some dope brownies lol
It's the result of me blocking the light.
@SW-User Let it shine in <3 =]
According to meritocracy studies and solarobotic testing my calculations suggest that it's a product of solar light hitting an object thus not letting it pass through the object like when the earth spins on it's axis therefore create the result of night time.
Madhatter · 31-35, M
A surface area receiving less light because your body is in the way of the light source. Note that all things have shadows, including pencils. Unless you're implying that pencils have souls.
@Madhatter How do you define a soul?
Madhatter · 31-35, M
@squirtle I define a soul as a religious idea that people are more than their physical selves and will live on after death as a means of comfort with the fact that death is inevitable and mostly predictable.
My shadow 😁
Just an illusion. 😬 Hahahahaha...
[image deleted]@SW-User
louisesoulstar · 26-30, F
flat and black? or are you talking about what it would look like if it was? if its the later then I have no idea as I have no idea what my soul is like.
@louisesoulstar I was thinking Peter Pan with this post tbh
Liucija · 31-35, F
A dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface
Darkness. We all got a little. 😬
[image deleted]
5thApprentice · 31-35, M
Abbenthewarwolf · 18-21, M
Ask the wind if you don't know.

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