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Should prostitution ever be legal?

Tatsumi · 31-35, M
Yes. It would reduce human trafficking, the spread of STDs, homicide, while increasing income, which would lead to a host of other positive effects, like better education. There's no reason for prostitution to be illegal, except pseudo-morality. The same reason drugs should be legal. People have this idea in their head that "Oh no, I don't want to condone behavior I see as immoral."

And the true irony is that they will accept much more harsh consequences, as a result of their "morality". They don't mind if people die and suffer, so long as other people aren't doing shit that harms no one and actively benefits society.

Motosh72 · 51-55, M
Yes. Legal, regulated and taxed. Safer and more profitable for all, for a practice that has always existed, and always will...!!!
cloudi · 36-40, F
Yes. With a proper management and regulation, I believer it would make a good income to the country and also safer for the "involving" parties.
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Roflcash4 · 22-25, M
@Hugosfbay That's like saying meth heads are going to have their own meth labs and do that shit anyways, so lets just make it legal for them to blow themselves up and their neighbors too.
Tatsumi · 31-35, M
@Roflcash4 Faulty comparison. Prostitution doesn't cause explosions.
I think so. Every man should have a chance to lay a beautiful young woman. Just not me.
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@SENSME Tight? haha!
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yea, it would be safer then
golemn9 · 26-30, M
Yeah. Legalizing prostitution will help regulate and enforce laws by preventing illegal pimping and organized crime.
Yes. Make it legal and regulate it. Make it safe for everyone involved.
I don't know Squirtle. What've you been smoking?
@SINAI Shhhh... I think it's called love but idk really.
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No because then even more people would be chronically unemployed.
Whereuat · 56-60, M
Why should Nevada have all the fun
Goralski · 51-55, M
And slavery
NankerPhelge · 61-69, M
Sure, why not?
girlyzaa · 26-30, F
swirlie · 31-35, F
For prostitution to be legal, would also mean that it became legalized through government control of the rules. As soon as the government starts to control or write the rules for anything, the venture usually fails miserably. That is because the government is not set up to be in business. It is set up to be in politics. That is why Trump is slowly imploding, because he is a businessman, not a politician. The government is not a business hub, it is a political hub. Knowledge of one does not magically render competency in the other.

For prostitution to therefore become legalized, it would mean that the government would control the girl/guy prostitutes and would therefore dictate how things should go for them. Again, how would anyone in the government know what is 'good business' for a prostitute? Only she knows that herself, but her pimp probably knows more than she does because he/she represents their mutual best interests for each transaction.

The ONLY reason the government would legalize anything that was previously illegal, is for any potential tax gain that they could siphon-off each transaction.

In Canada, it will only be about 6 more months before marijuana will be legalized for medicinal use. There will be legal pot growers, legal pot distributors and legal pot 'users'. But if you are not a "legal pot user", you will still go to jail for possession of weed, plus criminal conviction. In other words, one has to be a documented 'drug addict' to qualify as a 'legal user' of marijuana. Makes sense, right! Of course it does! Why did I even ask?

From every transactional 'sale' of marijuana however, the Canadian government will scoop 50% or more of the 'take', no different than they do now with tax on booze and tobacco. The government however, will 'control' every aspect of every transaction... as if they knew how.

To therefore legalize prostitution, would only force it back underground to avoid the tax issue which of course would keep the transactional cost down and we would be right back to where we are today without legalization. It would be a full-circle experience at enormous government/tax-payer expense.

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