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Post Drafts & Group Suggestions (based on what you Type) 🏅

Hey Similar Worlds 🌍🗺️,

Based on your user feedback indicating that selecting a Group for a Post can be a tedious process for some, we have finally released some improvements.

[big]Group Suggestions (based on what you Type) 📝[/big]

The system will now look at your Post, and try to suggest a number of Groups for it.

Example, if you post:
[b]"I'm [c=BF0000]listening[/c] to [c=BF0000]Michael Jackson[/c] songs in this [c=BF0000]St. Patrick Day[/c]!"[/b]

You will be presented with some Group suggestions such as:

If you are not happy with the suggestions (or didn't get any), you can still find your Recently Used groups by tapping on the "Search" field, and/or manually look for another Group to post in.

[big]Post Drafts 📔[/big]

It is now possible to save Posts for later.

If you [b]save[/b] the post, but you don't select a Group and a Post Type, the post will safely be saved as a [b]Draft[/b].

You can find and manage your Drafts by pressing the button above the New Post form:


Thank you for your support.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions, so please keep giving them to us, as they are very important to the future of Similar Worlds.

Very kind regards, 🧡
- The SW Team
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
KEEP IT SIMPLE. Why does there have to be a process for a post. It’s a kill joy.
Nimbus · M
@Keepitsimple Exactly!
Repete · 61-69, M
Hey don’t pick on Joey oops wrong joy.@Keepitsimple
@Keepitsimple they must have their reasons. Support the admins
BlueVeins · 22-25
I'm really glad to have the drafts feature and I'll be sure to try out group suggestions next time I write a thread. I just don't understand why we need groups, topics, AND categories when they all do the exact same thing. This whole posts system would run 100x smoother if you guys just committed to one of those three things & ran suggestions based on that and frankly, topics are by far the best candidate. I find it hard to really attach a specific mood to like 80% of my posts and the groups feature has always been cumbersome to use, despite the great changes y'all have made.

If moods have any place on this site, they should probably be simply positive/neutral/negative. There are days when I'm really not doin' so hot and can't stand to read sad posts, but like is there really a reason why one would be alright with reading 'positive' posts but not 'fun' posts? Just a thought...
Carlisle · F
@BlueVeins I like the moods
Especially when I’m responding to someone I can’t always tell if they are being funny or are upset.
What about the downvote? Are you getting rid of it yet? 🙃
AdaXI · 41-45, T
@SW-User Can't wait till they make it visible so we know who these dick heads are.
Peaches · F
@AdaXI They won't reveal who downvoted anyone in past posts.
AdaXI · 41-45, T
@Peaches I'm just messing about. I mean I couldn't really expect anyone to go answering for the downvoting they've done under one rule if they suddenly go and change it to another one.
Although yeah the thought is playfully sorta funny like sat there watching all the fireworks go off as everyone suddenly finds out who's been downvoting them all this time, lolz. 😄
let me get this right .

You made posting more complex

Made finding a group more complex

And now, because the 'new improved' system isnt as user friendly as you hoped it would be..

[c=BF0000]youre forcing it on us? [/c].

@therighttothink50 sounds a lot like a design gone wrong to me.

But yeah...i miss the simplicty and joy of our indivuality that we once had .
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
@therighttothink50 it is spreading, maybe we should all be wearing a mask😁
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
@OogieBoogie Yesterday I was feeling like I was complaining about nothing.. but you have made me realize I am not the onoy one who feels this way.

It is not user friendly. Every simple thing is now too complicated.

I can hardly search and find a group unless I recall the exact name of that group. I don't have time to sift through pages of groups to find the exact one I am looking for.

It's a clusterfuck.
LoveKitty · 22-25, F
Please introduce a TURN OFF MESSAGES feature. Lots of users don't want to private message, and its existence is a large contributing factor to women not wanting to be part of SW. You can exempt the SW team from this. If someone doesn't want to be part of messaging you can tell those attempting to reach them that they've chosen to not accept messages.
@Nuno i dont agree some people generally do not want to be messaged on here so if enough people request them to be turned off why not give them what they want?
@LoveKitty however now that i can think of it you can also restrict who messages you by adjusting your inbox settings
leeloh · F
The more clicks it takes to post, the less posts you will see. Less posts, less fun. Less fun, less users.

I only like the draft options.
TheCoolestCat · 31-35, M
if its not broke fix it lmao
Repete · 61-69, M
Either that or if it’s not broke break it then pretend to fix it.@TheCoolestCat
@TheCoolestCat @Repete, job security.
@froggtongue OH Woe!...

To somebody........ 😒🙄🙃😂
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
I'm just going to point out a few things here.

Other social media sites used to allow users to see the activity of others. The posts they liked the comments they made. Any replies between followers.
This unfortunately lead to serious stalking. So that feature was removed.
Previously you could accept messages from anyone. Now there are settings that allows you to filter messages from people you don't follow or words you don't want to read, this automatically sends them to request.
The same goes for tagging previously those websites allowed you to tag people and it automatically linked you to the photo or comment now you have to accept the request for it.

This was to deter cyber bullying, stalking and online scamming/fraud.

When people like your posts you also don't get to see who likes it unless one of the followers is mutual, it now says a followers name and others.

I'm not sure if this information helps but it's effectively to create anonymity.
Many people don't want to be on social media for the likes!

This website is supposed to be different from the others.

The sole purpose of this website is the anonymity so that people can be their authentic selves free from judgment.
The moment you start visualising likes or dislikes.
Forcing people to see content and messages they don't want.
Posting material with all these additional tags it kills the vibe.

I personally can say that I don't have a lot of complaints about this website anymore. Except I personally feel the pandemic has had a massive impact on people's motivation.

I no longer see adult material against my will.
I no longer see messages I didn't accept.
I also don't really need to know who likes or downvotes my or others posts (not unless they are my friends)

I'm more interested in the genuine engagement I have with others.

It's nice to see that x number of people liked the post as its useful to know I'm still connecting to like minded people but I feel that there are some people here that specifically make comments just so the user knows exactly what they thought and that opens the lines of communication.

The encouragement for people to be kinder to each other has also really helped things because the trolling/arguing has been reduced significantly.

Maybe it would be useful if you could consider revisiting the orginial idea behind sw and think about it's impact of the gdpr and safety of the users.

It might also be useful to have the mood and the groups on posts optional so you have to pick at least one for it to be posted.

Drafts has definitely always been needed.

But thank you for listening and trying to make this work for us.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Thank you for the drafts option. Can't say how many times I lost a long post just for switching tabs to look for a link.

Got so bad I just did the post in a external editor. Which I could do because of my keyboard shortcut formatting options for here.

Still need my shortcuts for here for anything long though.

Please consider having the formatting options along the bottom side instead of at the top. Like a floating options bar.

Heck even on the bottom would be better than the top.
@DeWayfarer I'm on Samsung internet. Dark mode+OLED screen makes it easier to read text late at night
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@mysteryespresso so not only different browser yet also a different cellphone!

Each cellphone is also different. Along with browsers.
How to skip categorisation now?
And has he replied? @mysteryespresso
@LunadelobosIAMTHEDRAGON not yet. Maybe he would reply soon
@mysteryespresso I hope so. Gotta keep the hope, right. :)

Unless there is no way, in which case, same old same old.
meJess · F
Please just allow posts with basic categories. Anything else is just off putting
TurtlePink · 22-25, F
You’re really such a cool dude Nuno. Thank you for all you and Andrew do for us on here
Wow! Really liked the Drafts option…

Will check out Groups, and see if it’s working as you mentioned.

Thank You!
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
@Vivaci I just posted something. You title and write it first, then save the draft, then select a group from a list, or search for one, then select a mood, then submit.
FreeSpirit1 · 51-55, F
Sometimes a question is just a question, is having every question grouped an ad placement thing?
I don't go to groups to answer questions I just go to my feed.
StarLily · 51-55, F
[b]Love[/b] the Draft Posts feature, thank you!

This is kinda unrelated, but something I've noticed that I think would be nice...
In the post categories on our profiles, if we could have the capability to rearrange those so we could choose what categories others see first when they look at our profiles... that would be great!
Nuno · Admin
@StarLily Thanks for the suggestion. We do have that already in our backlog of things to do. Cheers!
StarLily · 51-55, F
@Nuno Oh, that's great! Thanks for letting me know.
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
@Nuno Can You & @Andrew Can You Guys Create A Senior Citizens Question Category
Peaches · F
@JohnOinger What the hell?!😐🤭
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
It's now all about being "woke," censorship and hidden comments. People come here because it used to be different from the other leftist authoritarian social media sites.

Quit imitating evil, stand up for truth and free speech. The world doesn't want what is being forced upon us.

Stop censoring and shadow banning posts. We are not as "woke" and stupid as you think we are.

People wish to be free, not part of the leftist conformist society which most social media sites are now forcing upon us all.

Stand up for freedom of speech, not the leftist totalitarian police state, which is part of the evil collective.

Get rid of the Leftist bots and then maybe you would get a true reading about who the real people are about here.

The ads are becoming obnoxious....
@therighttothink50 [c=4C0073]i got a true reading about you alright 😏[/c]
therighttothink50 · 56-60, M
Go back to your collective hive.

hunkalove · 61-69, M
How about fixing the SpellCheck/AutoCorrect? It hasn't worked for weeks.

I couldn't care less about groups. I look at the most recent posts. That's all. There are so few people on here now what difference does a group make?
hunkalove · 61-69, M
@DeWayfarer I have no idea what a Gboard is or a keyboard app. I think the problem is probably with the Samsung Internet App. It has never worked right. I used to think the reason why it took a couple minutes to get SW to load was SW's fault but then I realized it was the Internet app.
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
@hunkalove see if you can get almost any other web browser. Most use chrome, I use Foxfire. Yet there are many other web browsers. Like duckduckgo, dolphin and many others.

All of them you can get through Google play store. Also while you're there download Gboard.

Everything I have mentioned is free BTW.
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
@hunkalove I'm using Samsung Internet for SW (and for most of my social media). But I have replaced the standard Samsung keyboard with the GBoard app discussed above. GBoard is far superior to the Samsung Keyboard (and I'm generally a Samsung fan).

As mentioned by @DeWayfarer, just go to the Google Play store and look for GBoard. :)
silentwriter180 · 51-55, F
I just wanted to thank you for consolidating the groups. It was kind of bonkers that people would start new groups without seeing if there was already a group in the list that is the same. It takes a lot of time, just know that it's appreciated.
Peaches · F
I love the draft idea.💡Can't we just go back to the way the groups were before? It was so easy then. HEY...I was listening to Michael Jackson this St. Patrick's Day too!🎶💓🕺🍀
Have you decided to get rid of the downvote?
@Pinkstarburst I asked the same thang. I don't think they will, though.
@SW-User I don’t either. This post feels like we are being placated to divert everyone from the downvote inquiry.
@Pinkstarburst [i]Exactly![/i]
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
@Nuno @Andrew Can You And Andrew,Make Anonymous Confessions
NeuroticByNature · 41-45, F
@JohnOinger youre the coolest!
@JohnOinger [c=4C0073]agreed[/c]
@JohnOinger I’d actually totally like that. Good idea, Johnny O.
Wiseacre · F
Ridiculous...leave well enough alone!
[c=4C0073]i tried it, .. it's not so bad.
Simple enough.[/c]
btchstfu · F
well i dont want it
ScarletWitch · 26-30, F
I don't like it
SophieSmiles · 18-21, F
All the people appreciating the draft feature has got me thinking that people clearly put a lot more thought into their posts than I do 😂😂 you seem to be fixing problems I wasn’t even aware of lol. Happy Thursday to you 😊
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Only suggestion about this I have I have already given.

Place a link directly under "New posts" on the profile links for drafts.

It's an extra step to click on "New posts"
I just went through this changed process
Not sure it’s any less tedious now being on the backside rather than opting the selections before
Just my thoughts
Ryannnnnn · 31-35, M
I just noticed and I do feel like it just adds unnecessary steps to making posts.
Nuno · Admin
@Ryannnnnn The number of steps to submit a Post is exactly the same as before. If anything, this update *improved* the process of submitting a Post, as the system will now suggest relevant Groups based on what you typed, so you don't have to manually search for one.
Ryannnnnn · 31-35, M
@Nuno When using it yes but you used to have the option to just forgo the process itself. It is an improvement on that system though.
Dshhh · M
it does not feel like you listen,
When the system TRASHED hundreds of groups, and THOUSANDs of posts. the creativity of these works or at least there emotional content was precious. we did not thin we had to download favorite things because they would dissapear.
Many of us complained bitterly often with admins being directly addressed in the posts.
none of us got any response
we do not feel heard.

@Keepitsimple @Nimbus @LoveKitty@TheCoolestCat @Repete
@Dshhh 😱
Hold on a second please. Can you elaborate on when this took place?

I am starting to feel very sick all of a sudden.....
Nuno · Admin
@Dshhh We haven't trashed any posts (if they haven't been deleted by the user/moderator). All posts are still there.
@Nuno Ok. How about these posts /groups.

"I think a vibrator deserves its due credit."

"I love dogs and cats why choose between furball love?"

"I have my period and it's hell"

"(I have been told) I have a killer azz"

These are some of the 1000+ Groups I created on EP, that actually DID make it to here!
So, I was really grateful to the SW staff.

Where can I find them please?
bookerdana · M
no more skipping categorization? i'll stay random no matter what shows..remove filters,please
@bookerdana yes, this is a major problem for me
pentacorn · F
saved drafts feature is cool. the groups change sounds like it [i]might[/i] be more user friendly. at least there's still the search option.
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
This is good. Most of the time when I search for a group the results have little to do with my search key, or are way too general.
i like the save a draft aspect
That might be helpful in a way when we are trying to post our stories and questions. It was tedious before.
Piper · 61-69, F
Both changes are great, especially the draft and save posts for later option. Thank you!
As always, because your changes are unilateral, I am feeling discombobulated.
ExtremeNext · 31-35, F
All I can say Nuno is considering you gave me the fright of my life last week

Well done I love this new feature, you and Andrew are doing a great job and the big fella upstairs is taking notes also

Well done and thank you , SW just gets better and better ✌️
@Nuno [c=4C0073]downvoting all admins posts .. now there's an idea! 😏[/c]
ExtremeNext · 31-35, F
@Nuno I'm a nervous wreck I even started smoking again 😔
ExtremeNext · 31-35, F
@SW-User 🤫
Doomflower · 36-40, M
For once a change I actually like! Much more logical.
ImRileyTheDog · 22-25, F
This too complicated for little Riley
Hasmita · M
@ImRileyTheDog My feelings too 🙂
Ok. How about these posts /groups.

"I think a vibrator deserves its due credit."

"I love dogs and cats why choose between furball love?"

"I have my period and it's hell"

"(I have been told) I have a killer azz"

These are some of the 1000+ Groups I created on EP, that actually DID make it to here!
So, I was really grateful to the SW staff.

Where can I find them please?
empanadas · 31-35, M
Can we get back the uncategorized posts? Why not remind people about the changes before they happen? Better yet, for future plans why not ask the members of their thoughts on the changes?
@empanadas Or actually listen to suggestions 🤔
empanadas · 31-35, M
@SW-User I plead the fifth, not trying to get in trouble. I'm already pushing the envelope by asking this 🤣
@empanadas Well, FWIW I think you're hilarious, and all suggestions should be taken into consideration..js.
I love this draft post idea


Also Twitter have just brought in a downvote button 😂
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
Sounds great
Thanks Nuno
First post in this year that didn't get criticized for pushing improvements here
Nuno · Admin
@mysteryespresso Read the comments again! It's all a matter of time :)
I definitely like the first update. 🙂 I'm not sure how the second one will go, but it seems like it could be nice. 🤔
I know you love to improve this album but some legally blind use this site and can find it very confusing

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