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China is building railways in Hotan .

It is king of asia now , and it is also building Railways in Hotan to harass China-occupied (Ughyur) Tajiks , and Tajikistan as well .

Kyrgyzstan is its friend , who has also attacked Tajikistan several times .

Besides that China also wishes to capture more parts of India , whose 40,000 square km it had already captured , and now an indian state called Arunachal .

USA knows its game , if it want Funding from China , it should direct World's minds to Taiwan and show "Taiwan is in danger" but it will not talk about Tajiks , or persecution of christians in China (as shown by CBN news) .

Religion isn't a big thing , and many americans are athiests or consider christianity as joke , so christianity is not important .
Show the world that Taiwan is in danger ,
while China secretly captures Indian Arunachal or Tajik Ughyur .

It works , for money it works .
European Union desire money as well , China is there to help .
Russia wish more basic things , and weapons , China is there to help .
Usa wish to sell its companies , China is there to buy them .

Africans feel that Europeans had been cruel , maybe China may make them rich , but would china really make them rich ?

Same is what South Americans feel .

It is Siberia , China will do business on , for which it is helping Russia .

European Union is first priority of China though ,
And then Russia or Usa .

It will help all , if they fit China's agenda ,
but categorically .

China-occupied Tajik (Ughyur) region .
Tajikistan .
Indian state Arunachal .
Indian state Sikkim .
Bhutan .
Taiwan .
Siachen .
Pakistan Kashmir .
Indian other states .
Parts of Siberia .

List is long which China sees as its future territories .
Vandhana6633 · 36-40, F
brave idea.
Max41 · 26-30, M
@Vandhana6633 If you might like it .

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