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Different societies .

American government do not give enough jobs .
But it gives unemployment benefits to people .

China do not gives enough unemployment benefit .
But it gives enough jobs to people , even if the salary is less .

There is no lack of jobs in china , it operates every country on each continent .

But they give less salary .

Americans like to replace labour with technology ,
but where labour is required , it sets up company in other countries , because in the salary of 100 americans , they can employ 1000 foreigners in other country , and gain money from there .
But if they have to give job in Usa , they try to replace human labour with technology , which is cheaper as well .
jshm2 · 41-45, M
Not necessarily correct.

America is a big country, but poorly managed. They can't give anything to anyone, well enough. Hence rely on welfare and benefits to provide the safety net while law and process catches up.

China on the other hand is a massive country too well managed. So well that it's managed to catchup to the USA in around 50 years, without what took the USA 100 years and two world wars to do.

China has also taken some of the mantle of Japan to the extent that China is the worlds workshop.

Americans hate paying wages, to the extent that the average American wage has not risen for something like 30 years. Americans are easily fooled into thinking this is a done thing and an "opportunity". Whereas more gets outsourced to China and Malaysia to profit the few Americans at the top.
2cool4school · 41-45, F
Accuracy isn’t your strong suit is it now ??
[quote]There is no lack of jobs in china , it operates every country on each continent .

[quote]Americans like to replace labour with technology
You wouldn’t be able to make this rant if it weren’t for both American technology and Chinese labor… so do you see where you sound like a pathetic incel yet…? I’m guessing not, carry on moron. Your existence is only so long…
Max41 · 26-30, M
@2cool4school You are reported for your abusive behaviour .
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