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My sleep had been lost .

After my girlfriend had said to breakup .

Many girls came , played , and went .

This girl is leaving too . But she played for some long ,

and I believed that she will never leave me .
And we might have a future .

But now since long time she had been asking for breakup ,
sometimes she do not talk to me for 5-6 days ,
and she is searching other guys , and I don't care for that .

I m only bewildered , because she had tears , she made vows that she will love me all life , that I m her everything , and that she love me very much .

I didn't understood her game , I had spent more money on her , than on my college education .

She used to cry that she is not having money to eat food , she has no money to buy clothes ,

and I became emotional , and I gave enough money to her ,

only to find out later , she had eaten chicken , and she had buyed 2-3 dresses already .

She used to cry she has no money to buy things , I gave .

She showed tears about having no money to buy grains , I gave , but she bought branded bottles with it .

I buyed her camera .

I paid for her college fees (which she had forgotten)

I even remained hungry myself to make her eat Kfc and cakes .

She doesn't care that I loved her , but it is not a big thing , earlier girls left too .

She didn't even cared for the money that I gave her ,
now she only wishes to find immediate solution , a British guy , life in Britain , and a better future .

I m not able to sleep because if she had to leave ultimately , would I have spent more than my limits on her ? would I have been paying its instalments ?
She says that I m lying when I showed her how much I spent on her ,
and she switches off phone for 5-6 days , saying that she is tired , ill , and busy .
2cool4school · 41-45, F
Shocking you are single…🤭😆… then again I’m shocked that you weren’t single too. Lol
sweetdream · 22-25, F
@2cool4school What shocked you there?
What about you? You must be happily married in your forties?🤭🤭🤭
SteelHands · 61-69, M
Fickle. A fickle woman is not a worthy choice for a life mate.
sweetdream · 22-25, F
She wasn't worth all that

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