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So how much has SW changed in 4 years??

Soooooo awesome to see the Aussie Cookie Monster back here again after soooooo long!

CookieMonster28022-25, F
@legodood heheheh she is back indeed! I didn鈥檛 know I had that celebrity status?!
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StevetheSleeve31-35, M
There鈥檚 a whole new crop of dominant posters. But it鈥檚 still kind of the same.
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@StevetheSleeve oh yeah that鈥檚 the same
The new feed is (still) awful and we have floating heads on the home screen.
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@Keeper ahh lovely just what we need
Welcome back
Hope you have better experiences this time 馃槆馃憤
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@TAReturns still a few bad. The bad will always be around. But so many more good ones!!!
ravenhill46-50, M
i wouldn't know because i only joined a year ago.
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@ravenhill ahah so you missed EP then. That was the original
mayguy46-50, M
And it's changed even more in the year+ you posted this. The games are a huge (and welcome) addition. 馃憦
What do they think on Sesame Street, CM? 馃槀
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@SW-User downvote?
@CookieMonster280 yep. It鈥檚 one of the reaction options. Like when you heart someone鈥檚 post or comment. You can also downvote. It鈥檚 caused a slight stir. Lol
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@SW-User ohh okayyy
DeWayfarer61-69, M
Read posts on both groups :




For just the site changes.
The edge has gone away or maybe the blocks work well
Justenjoyit56-60, M
Same same really
Its been here 6 years and 2 months
CookieMonster28022-25, F
@TJNewton okay? I haven鈥檛 been on in 4 years
@CookieMonster280 Ok welcome back

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